What Does It Mean To Be A Freelancer?

I wanted to focus on what it meant to freelance in this post. Being a freelancer means being a contractor or being your own boss. You’re paid as an independent contractor and you have the right to choose your clients. It like you own your own business.

What does Freelance Means

If freelancing is hard or difficult then a regular 9-5 job? Well, that is completely a topic of a different discussion.

Let’s try to elaborate this in words :

1: Freelance is being your own boss

In any regular job, you might have managers and team leaders always shouting on your head to stay productive and doing more and more work. In freelancing, you have to be your own boss and stay productive to keep up your earnings.

2: You can work from anyplace as Freelance.

This is one of the perks of freelancing, you don’t have to be bounded to your office to do the work. You can work from the comfort of your home or while enjoying a beer on the hilltop. Cool! right?

3: You get a reward for the work you do

If you are working hard, you will be paid more and if you are being lazy, your earnings will stop. No one can take credit for your hard work and you won’t have to face those managers anymore who used to survive on your hard work and used to take all your credit without even a second thought.

4: You can scale and turn your Freelance to a business

I have heard many people saying that freelancing is bad because you will keep on getting the same money even after several years. This is really wrong, if you are good at freelancing then you can easily convert that into every growing business. Every business needs clients and that what you are getting when you are doing freelancing. I will discuss that in some other blog posts about how to convert your freelancing into a successful business.

5: No 9-5 schedule

When you are doing freelancing, you don’t have to be stuck at a boring 9-5 schedule. There can be times when you might have to add more hours to your work and even more then you do in a regular job.

6: No work is no money

Freelancing does not mean that you are free from work, you will have to put extra efforts to maximize your earnings. You will have to make regular efforts to keep getting clients and work. The movement you stop working is a movement you stop making money.

7: You own to multi-task (Self marketing to perform the work you do)

A Freelancer can’t sit idle and just keep on doing the work you do and expect everything to go smoothly. You have to do your own marketing to keep on getting the work and clients. You have to be your own admin and manager to schedule and motivate yourself, keep growing your skills according to your industry standards.


Freelancing is all about being your own boss and getting paid right for all the hard work you do.

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