Top Freelancing Sites 2020

I started freelancing from college in 2013, there are many Freelancing Sites 2020 like Upwork, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, Fiverr, Guru, etc. Over time many small freelancing sites 2020 were acquired and merged to form more prominent websites like Odesk and Elance merged to form Upwork. In 2020 we have few market leaders. Here is a list for top freelancing websites in 2020 for those of you, who want to be a freelancer and start work from home.
I will be compiling this list on a few factors that I find important like, popularity, ease of starting up, verification, and conflict resolution capability.

1: Upwork

freelancing website Upwork

Upwork is the largest freelancing marketplace for getting small to big projects. You name any skill and you will see projects and freelancers related to that. Apart from a wide variety of skillsets and it has projects for shorter-term, longer-term, and entry-level working capabilities. Moreover, for expert-level and high paying work.

My experience with Upwork: Upwork has been the most professional platform and it has some strict identity verification rules. All clients are serious buyers and Upwork has some good conflict resolution and support team.


freelancing site freelancer

It is the second biggest marketplace — second best to Upwork only. Freelancer has Millions of small businesses registered.

My experience with Jobs are there but you will have to make more efforts then Upwork, not that strict identity verification. Mixed client experience(Good, Bad).

3: Fiverr

freelancing website fiverr

Fiverr is a different kind of freelancing website and marketplace for freelancers. Freelancers post gigs about what they can offer and clients can search them and order. You can offer different perks for different prices. Fiverr fees are higher compared to Upwork / Freelancer.

4: PeoplePerHour

freelancing website peopleperhour or pph

The site is an all-around freelancer and outsourcing marketplace with a large number of categories like Web Design, Video, Audio, Web Development, Sales & Marketing, Support, Writing, Translation, Social media, Software Development, Mobile Development, etc. PPH has adopted the Fiverr concept where freelancers can list what they offer and clients can order the same. Freelancers can also add perks similar to gigs on Fiverr.

My experience with PPH is that Clients are not that much authentic and serious but one bug is if the client hires you and you complete the work then the client might delete the account without paying you (I have faced this). One other drawback is it doesn’t have any mobile application and money can not be withdrawn directly to a bank so you might have to pay extra commission to Paypal.

5: LinkedIn

freelancing job site linkedin

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site with a lot of employment offers (Part-time, full time). You can find millions of jobs (full time and part-time) daily. I would always suggest keeping a good profile on LinkedIn because your client may ask for your linked profile. It doesn’t if you have full-time or part-time employment and you can always switch between them if you keep your profile up to date.

Conclusion: If you don’t want to stick to a full-time job than you can always option for freelancing.

If you need it, you can always shout to me for any sort of help.

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