How To Make A Good Freelancing Profile

If you are starting fresh or It’s been several weeks or maybe months since you signed up as a freelancer on sites like UpWork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour etc but still can not your first job. You need a good freelancing profile to hunt for your first job.
If this is the case then you must read this post complete.
There can be many reasons for your failure in landing your first project but two main reasons are incomplete profile or poorly filled details or both.
Your profile is the first thing your client see to learn more about you prior to handling you his important job. So this is obvious that incomplete or bad profiles repel clients far away from you because you have already given them the wrong impression about yourself.
UpWork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, etc are all great freelance platforms you can use as a starting point for your freelance journey but just registering and filling it up with some random text is not going to get you good projects.
If you really wanna be a freelancer then the first thing you need to do is create a nice complete freelancer profile.
So the thing you need to take care of while making your freelancer profile are as follows.
Note: UpWork is currently the most popular freelance platform but if you are not doing good on it or your profile is blocked or facing some other issue( Which some of you might face ) then don’t get disappointed there are other great freelancer platforms to make good freelancer profile and you can use these tips on any other freelancing platform.
I do have some experience in freelancing so feel free to reach me for help in getting started.

#1 Always Use Your Real Information In Your Freelancing Profile

Freelancers should not use fake names on their profiles; instead, using your real names is a first and foremost professional thing.

Bad Profile Names

Profile name not so COOL!

Mostly the reason of using fake profile name comes out that you are not confident enough with your real name. That’s totally fine if your name doesn’t sound cool to anyone. You are not entering to Bollywood or Hollywood industry. People need to like your work, not just your name. Come out with your true identity, it will help you to be recognized in the crowd.
Abbreviations are good to be used in daily language or common words, known to people. Your name should not be one of them: ‘Harry P.’ sounds better or ‘Harry Potter’? I think we all know what the answer is. Therefore, use your complete name instead of abbreviations. Believe me, it looks more professional!!!
If you are really not ready yet to be yourself, and still want to hide yourself with a fake name behind your work, I’m sorry my friend, you are in a wrong place.

#2 Always Upload A Professional Photo

Now it’s time for the next step, the most confusing one and difficult to decide: Profile Picture Update.


You have just started your work, and want to look fab in your profile picture, so a cool selfie will work. Or might a close up will look better to reveal your facial features. Or a green-grassy background will definitely look better. A big no to all the above thoughts!
You are not uploading your picture for a dating app, stick to the professionalism.

Bad profile photo

Common mistakes have done even while taking a professional picture:
You are ready, cleaned up yourself, and asked someone to click for you. But the background is dull light is so low in the room. Also, you forgot to smile to make it look more formal.
Smiling makes your picture more attractive and more confident. It enhances your chance of growth.
So, a picture taken by a professional will be more worth. Spend some money, to get more instead.

#3 Create A Specific Headline

Headline is a one-liner summary of your entire description. Try to make it more specific and quick grasping. You want your profile to be selected. Make it look short and expressive.

Bad Headline

Don’t think your client has a lot of time to read every word you write. It’s not social networking. Even on social network, people don’t like reading big texts. So, stick more to specific.
Don’t use more common words like ‘Writer or Developer’. If you are a eBook Writer, specify it: ‘eBook Writer’; if you are a Java Developer then use the exact words.
Summaries it to the exact point where the person should focus, and you can get a better chance of having great platforms: UpWork, FreeLancing.

#4 Write Your Bio or Short Description In First-Person Manner

Remember, you are not writing a book on your biography. Don’t describe yourself as a third person. Be yourself. You want to connect to the people, who don’t know a lot about you.

bad bio 1

See what I mean. Did you enjoy reading that description?

bad bio 2

And take a look at this. See what’s wrong here? Does this person sound like a professional copywriter?

bad bio 3

Yes, this one’s a real profile too.
Make sure, neither you are writing a text message to any close friend, nor sending a job application to a corporate office. Write it like you want to send it to an acquaintance.
An example of good-bio is below.

good bio

I wouldn’t call that the perfect bio, but it’s efficient. And I must admit that last postscript made me laugh.
Don’t fill your bio with your hobbies or motivational stories or life goals. Your client might be more interested in your work rather than your hobbies. Keep those details brief and short. Not to use more than 200 words is a good practice while writing about yourself.

#5 Describe Your Qualifications, Expertise And Experience

Including about your qualification and experience in a one-liner or two is a good practice. Make sure, you are sticking to your true-self and not bragging about things. Doing this, might create a negative impression.

Avoid bragging

“My grades were always excellent. I never had experience of low grades in my entire life.”
“I am a perfectionist in my work. I don’t know what mistakes are”
The above quotes might make you look cool for once, but my dear friend, reality comes up on its own. Therefore, try to avoid such brags and be yourself.
Using the “Employment History,” “Education,” and the “Other Experiences” sections to your profile, is a good idea.

#6 Make Sure to Showcase Your Best Work In Your Portfolio Section

There is a separate section in your UpWork Profile for showcasing your work. You can make your portfolio more attractive by adding your best projects to this section.


Choose an appropriate and attractive image to suit your project and upload it with a detailed description of the project and your work. It looks more attractive and catchy if you add a link to the source. This will help your client or readers know about your work.
If you’re trying to create a profile on a different platform that doesn’t have portfolio section, use a site like Behance to upload your work and simply include links in your freelancer profile bio.

#7 Connect Your Social Networks With Your Freelancing Profile

Connection with social network is a must-must now. To grow your work and to grow your connection, social network is a great platform. UpWork allows you to connect your social network profiles with your freelancer profile.

Connect social apps

Although, your social profile links won’t be visible to your clients, but this connection definitely helps UpWork to create a better understanding for you. This not only helps creating a more personalized experienced but also shows you relevant jobs in the ‘Find Work’ section.

#8 Skill tests aren’t compulsory but I would suggest you to take them if you can

UpWork says:

“The more relevant tests you pass, the more professional you look”
I wouldn’t say that UpWork is 100% right, but I would also not say that it’s wrong.
These tests definitely highlight your profile comparative to others, but if your Client is happy with your work, he won’t care about these skill tests.

Skill tests

A skill test in Windows XP? Is this 2001?
If you have a strong portfolio and you are great at your work, not taking these tests won’t ruin your reputation.
Don’t take them as a burden but as a skill enhancement activity. If you have time, feel free to take them.

A Few More Tips For Going Forward

Run A Spell and Grammar Check:

Use a tool like Grammarly to check your profile bio for any errors before making it public. It will only take a few seconds to save yourself from a huge embarrassment.

Steal It:

If you can’t figure out what to write in your description or even how to write it, check out some of the successful freelancer profiles to get an idea.

Ask For Reviews:

Most clients will immediately leave a review once a job is complete, but don’t be afraid to ask for a review if they didn’t.

Ask For Referrals:

If your client says you did a great job, then ask them to refer you to other clients. There’s no shame in asking for a referral or help.

Add A Video:

UpWork now allows you to include a video in your freelancer profile. This is a great way to attract more attention to your profile. But, not mandatory.Remember, your freelancer profile is your online CV. So, don’t make it too personal. Forget about your hipster styles, selfies, and emojis. Be professional, or try to act as one.
Now, go wow your clients with your amazing profile.

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