Learn How To Be A Freelancer.

learn how to be freelancer

Freelancing, the word in itself seems fun. Most of us want to get that extra income with their skill, freelancer over a regular job to earn our bread and butter.For being an Freelancer decide what you are good at, be dedicated to life of a freelancer.
If done right way, freelancing can be fun and can also earn you lot better then your regular job.

Who is a Freelancer in actual?

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is not particularly committed to any employer for long-term. In simple words, Freelancer takes a projects from one client completes its from the comfort of his/her home or any place he wants and then start hunt for the next project and next client.

Who can be a Freelancer?

Anyone who don’t like the idea of 9-5 job can with a spirit of working lot harder at times can choose to it.

What difficulties a freelancer faces?

Well, if you are really asking this question then freelancing is not for you. There will be times when you will be taking Skype calls with your clients at 3 am and on the next morning you might have another meeting with your local client at 6 am but all that hard-work will directly be paid to you with no boss to gain in between from that.

My views to be a Freelancer.

I always choose hard-work over 9 to 5 job because I can be anywhere  because all I need is a laptop and decent internet connection to get my work going on. A profession like software , Web , Mobile Application, Online content writing, Project management or any profession which dont need your actual presence but a laptop and Internet connection then you all can enjoy same perks of freelancing as me. There has been times when I was working by the side of a beautiful waterfall on a hill station.

In simple words, you work will no longer keep you in a cubical.
Your hard work will pay you directly, harder you work better you earn.
If you are convinced enough lets talk about how you can get started with freelancing. If you are a programmer, designer or a content creator like me then you are lucky to be in this profession because there are tons of platforms where you can simply create a account and start bidding and connection to the clients for projects.

How to be a Freelancer?

1: Skills ( You can only think about freelancing if you are capable enough in your profession because there is a lot of competition )
2: Good System ( Computer ) with decent Internet connection.
3: I think above two must be enough!

Now follow the steps below to learn how to be a freelancer.

Step 1 : Find a platform for your skills and create a good professional profile.

You must create a good profile on these platforms below and your profile should clearly show your skill and strengths. You should also take skill tests offered by each platforms to prove your skills.

There are many online platforms that can help you find your first freelance project. If you are a freelancer and you want to make some serious income with it then you should really take your online reputation seriously. You should maintain good profile. It will be a advantage  having a personal website or portfolio to show your past work experiences and projects.I have a list of some most popular website to find coding, designing and content writing work online.

1: Upwork.com :

This is the most popular website with billions of monthly visitors. With time up-work is getting strict and in the process of keeping the platform well they ask you to take skill tests and also takes live video interviews according to your skills.
I would personally suggest you to start with upwork and maintain a really good profile as this is one of the few platforms that also listen to the freelancers in the movement of payment conflicts with the clients. If you are genuine and have a good profile then this platform will take care of all your work needs.

2: Freelancer.com :

Up work is closely followed by freelancer. This is comparatively new but really fast growing competitor of up work. Freelancer is not that much strict with the freelancers and one bad thing i noticed working on this platform is there is no or less responsive conflict resolution team here, if client decides not to pay you even after your work is done then there is nothing much you can expect on this platform.

3: Toptal.com : 

If you are highly skilled programmer or designer then this is the place for you, Toptal publically says on its website that they only allow top 3% talent on their platform to work as freelancer and most of the clients those freelancer gets and moderate to high paying. They segregate top 3% from the rest by their tough selection process.

4: Fiverr.com :

This platform is based on a different approach rather then just bidding, this is like a catalog of freelancer where people come, search and choose the freelancer they like for their work. I would suggest to have a account on this and maintain your reputation with good work and timely replies.

5: Craigslist.com :

On a condition you are unable to get above options working then you can always find local projects around you, people post every type of work on craigslist.
Above mentioned platforms are popular and trusted, I use almost all of them for getting some personal side projects. Although there are many other ways to get projects online, Like digital marketing , cold calling, just dial and even google can help you with that. If you have a good profile on linked in then needy people will contact you there as well. Soon linked in will also be launching their similar platform worldwide.

Step 2: Placing and buying bids.

Now that you have a good profile, next is the most important step and that is bidding. People and companies will post their requirements as projects on these platforms and you will have options to place bids to those projects. While placing bids you will need a good attractive cover letter which should be relevant to the project or requirement posted and your prices should be competitive. Keep you price competitive but not much low or high.

There will be around 50-100 freelancer competing with you to get that job but you have to show your skill and relevancy with your cover letter to get noticed.
Before placing any bid go through the project details properly so you do not end up wasting your bids because bids are limited on every platform and you ran out of your bids then you will have to buy them now. So don’t waste your bids.

Step 3: Buying Packages and Tests.

Doing freelancing full time now then your default bids quota and features won’t be enough to fulfill your project requirements, you will have to buy packages offered by these platforms to not run out of bid and to look professional and serious to clients to gain trust.
Buy tests and good score to show your skills to the clients to shine above the competition on every project.
Seriously considering freelancing then this should be enough to get you started. In the next blog I will give complete info on bidding and how to grab first project. So please subscribe to my newsletter.
Being a freelancer,  I have decided to share my freelancing journey. I would love to help anyone commenting or contacting me. I would i like to hear your freelancing journey. You can email me directly at : sahilahlawat2@gmail.com or comment below.

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