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Thinking to start a new business, but stuck with the design or logo? I have come up with something to help you with that. You might have searched on Google, Yahoo or other search engines for Best Free Logo Maker. You might have come across too many as well. But as you finish your design and about to download it, you get a large message on your screen: PAY FOR THE PLAN AND GET THE DESIGN. This message has ruined all your efforts as you were just trying a sample and not ready to a heavy a price for it yet. Well, DESIGNEVO is your solution: Best Free Logo Maker. It not provides you cheaper services but also gives you free design images. Designing Logo with DESIGNEVO for your organization will surely give you a great experience.
It’s the most user-friendly site (Best Free Logo Maker) I have come across till date. Below few steps will make you believe this.Best Free Logo Maker

Let’s get started from the very start:

  • The very initial page contains 3 options: Sign up (Top Right Corner); Make a Logo (Top Left); Make a Free Logo (At the Bottom).

  • You need to create an account if you are planning to use the paid services or want to keep your logos saved in your account. Next, you can click or either ‘Make a Free Logo’ or ‘Make a Logo’ button. This will lead you to the next page.

As it is seen that many categories are predefined on the left side of the page, this website provides you with a number of predesigned templates. Select any of the templates of your choice and type the ‘Name’ and ‘Slogan’ of your Company, and your logo is ready.

  • I wanted to create a whole new design of my known, so, I chose to start from the scratch.

  • This opens a new page which is having a search box on the left side, offering you to search from a number of Icons, Text Fonts, and Shapes.

  • Select the icon which suits your requirement and it gets reflected on the blank screen.

  • Now, similarly, I have selected the shape first for my design.

  • Then I chose the text font for my content.

  • Last, I chose the icons matching my requirement.

  • The curves present on the top and bottom of the logo (13 Facts & Blogs respectively) are done with the help of curve tool. You simply need to select the TextBox and check the degree of the curve. The upper curve is set by increasing the number from 0-100, while the lower curve is set by decreasing the value from 0-(-100).

  • The background is by default white, but you can change it by choosing any color from the background icon, just above the Logo.

  • There are other options as well to set the background, apart from solid color, and they are Gradient and Transparent.

  • Gradient offers double shade background. But Transparent offers just the logo without any background.

In the above image, the color of the logo has changed the color field. As soon as you select any object or text, a color field appears just above the logo.

In case, you are not able to find the exact color every time, it also offers you the option of the color code. You can use the same code and find your desired color.

  • After you have finalized your design, the final step is to download it. ‘Download’ button is present on the Top Right Corner of the page. Along with that, ‘Preview’ and ‘Save’ option is also present.

‘Preview’ shows you how your logo would look in different places, whereas ‘Save’ button saves the created and downloaded Logos in your profile.

Check out the preview of the Logo for ‘13 Facts’ below:

  • When you select the ‘Download’ option, it offers you ‘Free Download’ (Best Free Logo Maker) or ‘Paid Package’.

  • Here, when you select the free download option, a dialog box appears asking for sharing the DesignEvo on your Social Network or your Website. You can simply click ‘OK’ and your ZIP File will be downloaded.

  • The ZIP file contains 3 files: JPEG image, PNG image and a text file which again asks you to share about DesginEvo on your Social Platforms.

These are low-resolution files. However, if you wish to have a high-resolution image, you need to buy their membership either BASIC or PLUS.

When you choose the membership option for download, payment method appears. I have chosen the PLUS Membership, therefore the below option appears.

This offers high-resolution images as well as many other options.

  • If you have any coupon, you can use it by clicking on ‘Have a coupon?’
  • Once you pay, a file is ready to be downloaded.

  • Click on ‘Download Now’. Again a ZIP file is downloaded with more features than before.

  • The ‘font’ file contains the Font Installer.

  • The ‘high-res’ file contains images with high resolution.

  • It contains JPEG, PNG and PNG-Transparent file.
  • The ‘original’ file also contains the same images but with less resolution than ‘high-res’.
  • The ‘vector’ file contains ‘pdf’ as well as ‘SVG’ file.

  • If you want to check your profile, go to the bottom left corner and search for your name.

Click on the arrow and you will see 3 options.

My Profile’ shows your profile, ‘Sign Out’ will sign you out from your account and ‘My Logos’ has your saved Logos in your profile.

  • Finally, I get the below logos out of which two have the background and two are transparent. As I created overall 2 logos with different colors, therefore, I get 4 because of my Plus Membership.

The above logo is with a SOLID background and NO background respectively.

The above logos are with a GRADIENT background and NO background respectively but with different colors of shape, icon as well as text.
I have used many platforms for the designing, but so far this is one of the best one. It is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Its icons or logos doesn’t have any watermark on them, therefore, you can use the number of available options without any trouble. You can also make changes in your saved designs, edit them and save them again in your profile without any hassle.
The best feature of DesignEvo is it offers you a lifetime membership. It’s not for 1 year or 2 years, but for the lifetime at such a low price. Right now, it’s also offering 60% off on the membership.
Hence, one should definitely grab this opportunity and get the benefit of the unlimited services provided by the DesignEvo.
Design your Logo with DesignEvo and get the experience of the friendliest Logo designing website available.
Don’t forget to share your views, reviews, and experience with DesignEvo in the comments section below.

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