Can you spend your day without streaming internet services? Very few people really can! From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, you yourself don’t count how many times you check your social media feed and stay connected with your loved ones. Unlimited calling and internet plans have helped us out impeccably in accessing the world as much as we want to. Networks like Jio, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone have taken the data market by storm through the prominent packages they provide. The competition among these service providers has given birth to super affordable plans which prove to be super beneficial for users. Choose your unlimited plan wisely and check out some recharge offers for an added benefit.

  1. AIRTEL RS.448/- PLAN

Airtel came up with this unlimited plan to regain its customer base and compete against the network plan giant- JIO. It is a comprehensive network plan that comes with both calling and internet usage facilities for its customers. Check the details here:

  • This plan by Airtel comes with validity period of 84 days for new customers and 70 days for existing customers
  • It provides 1GB data usage per day for new users and the same is 1.25 GB for existing ones.
  • You get 300 minutes of outgoing calls in a day and 1200 minutes call in a week
  • The exact price of the plan ranges between RS.443 to RS.448 in accordance with different areas
  • These benefits can be enjoyed while roaming too
  • Only 4g handset users with 4G Airtel SIM card can use this plan
  • This plan is applicable for both local and STD calls

Other plans by competitors
Vodafone is also offering 70GB FUP and unlimited calls at just RS.244/- for 70 days to new customers. These unlimited calls can be used for both local and STD calling.

  1. JIO RS.399/- PLAN

The revolution JIO brought to the telecom industry needs no explanation. It is because of the super cheap plans it offers masses are able to gain internet facilities. The RS.399 plan-

  • This plan stays valid for three months
  • You get 1GB 4G data per day and the entire count amounts to 84 GB
  • It provides unlimited local and STD calls to any part of the country
  • 4G mobile users with 4G connection of JIO can use this plan
  • It is applicable only for JIO prime customers  

Other similar plans  
Idea has also come up with a three month unlimited data and calling pack at RS.453/- offering 84GB monthly FUP and 1200 minutes per week on any network.

  1. VODAFONE RS. 244/- PLAN

If you haven’t experienced the amazing service of Vodafone till now, it’s high time to feel the same soon as the service provider is offering special unlimited calling and internet plans for first time users.  An overview of the plan-

  • It is active for a prolonged period of 70 days
  • You get to access 1 GB of 4GB data daily that amounts to 70GB data for the entire period
  • Like other plans it also provides unlimited calls to any network across INDIA
  • You need to opt for 4G connection if you wish to benefit from this
  • You can buy a new Vodafone SIM and prefer this plan for an added advantage

Some similar options  
Idea comes up with its one month unlimited pack at RS.347 offering 28GB data with unlimited calling for selected Idea customers. That equals to around 1GB 3G internet access per day.

  1. AIRTEL RS.293 PLAN/-

All the Airtel users, there is a great news for you! You can access unlimited calling and internet plans at just RS.293/-. Stop using regular internet services, opt for abundant plans and double the fun. Details of this plan-

  • This plan is only for prepaid customers of Airtel
  • It is a 3 months plan and hence stays valid for days
  • You get monthly data FUP of 84GB in this
  • The daily usage count amounts to 1GB per day
  • The plan is active on 4G connection hence only Airtel 4G users can benefit from this
  • It provides unlimited calling facility throughout the country on Airtel network only
  • Both local and STD calls are free but only to Airtel numbers

Check out these too-
You can also choose unlimited pack by Aircel for RS.348/- with84 GB of 3G data and unlimited calling facility to any network across the country. This is only for selected Aircel customers.

  1. JIO RS.309/- PLAN

For those who didn’t want to opt for a three months network plan, JIO introduced 2 month plan that brought the same benefits to the user for reduced time period of two months. Check out what the offer brings to you-

  • It is a unlimited pack for 2 months and hence stays valid for 56 days only
  • You get unlimited STD and local outgoing calls to any  part of India
  • One needs to be a JIO prime customer to opt for this amazing plan
  • The monthly data FUP you get with this pack amounts to 56GB that is 1GB data per day
  • This is active exclusively for 4G users with JIO 4G SIM card
  • It is possible that JIO exceeds the per day data limit to 1.5GB/day for selected customers on selected occasions.

Have a look at other plans  
Also, BSNL is providing 2GB 3G data for period of 71 days with unlimited calling at RS.395. One can choose this if using 3G connection.  
Every unlimited plan has something valuable to offer, does not matter whichever the network may be. For choosing the best plan, you need to know about your requirement and assess other factors like validity, FUP, cost, eligibility etc. Once you are clear about what you are looking for, choosing the most desirable plan is simpler. The unlimited calling and data plans provides by networks like JIO and Airtel are popular among users for offering great speed with good FUP. Besides these too, networks such as Idea and Vodafone also has wonderful unlimited plans to offer. Go for an unlimited plan today and experience more!

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