How to Turn Off or Delete Chat History In Google Hangouts

In the era of Whats App, FB Messenger, or Hike, one hardly uses Google Hangout for chat purpose, until it’s any business meeting. Whenever you use Google Hangouts, it keeps your chat backup safe, in case, required later. It is a very useful feature, as it keeps the record of your chats which can help you to search the details later on. As it is said, every good thing comes with a drawback as well. If there are pros then cons are definitely there. Here, one can arise a question, what if the person doesn’t want to keep the backup of the chat history. In that case, you are left with two options provided by the Google. You’re capable to delete chat history in Google and never let anyone have that access ever, or you can turn off chat history, which will save your extra minutes to delete the chat because it is not getting saved at first place at all. Therefore, it saves you from the stress of finding and selecting your chat data and deleting it.To learn about deleting complete Google Account, click here.
Let’s learn about how to turn off and delete chat history in Google Hangouts.

Turn Off and Delete Chat History:

  1. Launch App:

    1. Launch the App on your Android Handset. 
      • This is the icon of the app. Although all Android Phones come with this app. In Case, it’s not available on your phone, you can download it from Play Store and launch it.


  2. Turn Off History:

    1. Select the particular conversation for which you want to Turn off the Chat History option.Press the ‘Menu’ key, and select ‘Turn history off’.
    2. This, therefore, will not create a backup of your chats for that particular conversation.
  3. Delete Chat History:

    1. Now, the above-mentioned steps can save you from future backups. In order to delete the previously saved chat history, you need to login to your Gmail Account.
    2. You can see the Navigation Bar on the left side of the page. Choose ‘More’.In the drop-down, ‘Chats’ label is visible.
      In doing so, all the saved chats will be visible on the screen, like emails. Select a particular conversation, you want to delete.

      • At the top of the chat, click ‘Delete Hangout History’.This will open a message window to confirm whether you want to permanently delete your Hangout History.
      • Or you can open the Hangout Chat by clicking on ‘Open Hangout’. This will open the small chat window at the bottom right corner of the screen.Click on the gear icon to open the ‘Settings’.Now choose ‘Delete conversation’.This warning states that after deleting your messages, you will not have access to them and the action can’t be undone. Click on ‘Delete’. This will confirm your choice and you will no longer have that conversation in your account.

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