Top 5 Linux Operating Systems

Choice of top 5 linux operating systems is based on the features, usability, support, popularity and online debugging material available about them. Because when you install linux, you have to face a lot of errors and driver problems. Sometimes your keyboard is not working, sometime few keys does not work, Wifi and other issues can be there, So you need support at different points. There is no direct support available though. But you can google and search in their forums and stack overflow is always there.

5: Redhat

top 5 linux operating systems redhat
top 5 linux operating systems redhat

Red Hat is a commercial distribution used by many large businesses all over the world.
Because of the commercial licence, Redhat is popular only in the businesses and companies but more casual users are more likely to use Fedora or CentOS. If you are seeking a career in Linux then at some stage of your career you will end up using REDhAT because of it’s popularity in commercial world. Having a commercial licence is the only reason I am putting RED HAD in 5th position.
If you are a REDHAT lover and uses it in your office of Workstation then you would will to go with Centos or Fedora. Because these are community operating systems powered by RED HAT which mean you can still use rich “YUM” repository used by RED HAT at your personal laptop.

4: Centos

top 5 linux operating systems centos
top 5 linux operating systems centos

In simple words, CentOS is a community version of of Red Hat Linux which focus on stability rather than constant updates. As it is based on Red Hat, so security and maintenance updates pushed out for up to 10 years from the initial release of every version.
CentOS being super-reliable is a great choice for servers. It’s not such a good option for someone looking for a new Operating System for daily use on their desktop PC or laptop.
As Centos is based on RED HAT, you can enjoy packages compiled for the commercial version of Red Hat Linux and these packages are fully compatible and all this without spending any money unlike RED HAT.
You can get CentOS here

3: Fedora

top 5 linux operating systems fedora
top 5 linux operating systems fedora

Fedora is another offshoot for Red Hat. It has a great community always getting the credit of upbringing all the new concepts to the table first.
As it is with Debian, it is a good idea to use Fedora because it gives a good platform for anyone looking for a career in Linux.
It is relatively easy to install and easy to use, but it is not always the most stable one.

2:Mint Linux

top 5 linux operating systems mint linux
top 5 linux operating systems mint linux

Linux Mint is a great choice for new Linux users and making second place in my list of top 5 linux operatin systems. It comes with a lot of pre-installed software like LibreOffice etc which attract users switching from Mac or Windows. It has inbuilt media support allowing you to play videos, DVDs and MP3 music files without installing anything extra.
You can get Mint here


Top 5 Linux Operating Systems
Top 5 Linux Operating Systems

Ubuntu top my list of top 5 linux operating systems for obvious reasons.
Ubuntu is most popular linux operating system till now. I have seen many times Laptops and desktops have options to buy with Windows and Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is the most popular flavour of Linux and along with Mint I strongly recommend it for Linux newbies.
A new version of Ubuntu is released every six months. While I am writing this, the latest stable version is Ubuntu 17.10.1 and 16.04.3 LTS verion. Every other year the developers releases an LTS (long term support) version of Ubuntu which guarantee five years of security and general maintenance updates. LTS versions can be used without the hassle of running a full upgrade every 6 months. Standard releases are supported for one year.
There are some variations of Ubuntu such as Lubuntu, which uses a minimal hardware resources and are based on LXDE and it is a bundle of fast, lightweight applications.
You can get Ubuntu here and Lubuntu here
This is list is prepared on my personal research and ranks are given for general usage purpose. There are many other linux OS and distributions which are really great but being great is not enough if there is not enough support material and general features.
There is one Linux Operating System known as KALI which is great for penetration testing and pre loaded with tons of toll which hackers can use, so that is used for learning ethical hacking mostly.
I just want to state that your choice of any operating system depends upon the nature of working you are epecting from your system.
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