Why learn linux ?

Why learn linux when you have windows with super easy User Interface and zero usage difficulty ?

Linux is free, opensource operating system comes with lots of free software’s and does not require antivirus but this sentence only can never fully answer the question ” Why learn linux ? “. Majority of people using any sort of computer now a days may never feel the need to learn linux even if he or she is a hardcore developer.
But learning linux is always a better option because you wont require to buy any operating system licence like windows if you get comfortable with it. This reason alone can not really justify the need of, why learn linux?

Let’s discuss few points which will clear your mind and answer your query “Why Learn Linux ?”

1: Linux is really secure : Security

Viruses, Spywares, Trozan horses are the terms every windows and mac user is familiar with. Linux have a benefit on this because it is highly secure and less prone to viruses. If you have linux, you don’t have to worry about updating antivirus and removing virus stuff. It’s one of the most and best secured OS’es around. From devices/files up to programs, access mechanisms, secure messaging, you name it.
unix was written from the beginning with the idea that multiple people would be using the computer simultaneously. Multi-user, multi-tasking was available from the beginning .

2: Linux is Versatility (Linux is almost every where)

Linux is used in majority of the world’s speediest supercomputers. Linux from all OS’es, runs on the most diverse hardware (computer architectures). From personal desktops and laptops to Web server and data centers to almost evry type of hardware runs on linux. Internet architecture is incomplete without talking about linux.

3: Linux is a community

Linux is a community, yes you heard it right. If you want to learn linux or just want to use it or wanna be a pro linux developer. There is already a community to help you with all your questions doubts and answers. You can work with Linux developers to share knowledge. You can be a part of an awesome community of both beginners and experts who are using Linux to make a difference in the world.

4: Linux offers you great career opportunities

If you have linux in your resume as your skill set then there are large number of opportunities open up for you. You can be linux developer, linux admin. etc etc in some top MNC. Most of the fortune 500 companies depends on linux for their infrastructure.

5: A great pool of opensource softwares.

Now you can forget about spending thousands of dollars on buying and upgrading software licences. What ever you want to do, there is always a alternative amazing opensource software which you can use for free. If you are using linux for personal use then you have VLC, Chrome, photoeditors, Video editors, filemanagers, open office etc completely free just a download away. Or you are a pro developer then this is even great working environment, you got to learn the in’s and out’s of your development stack. Unlike Windows or mac you don’t depend on UI’s, you got ti see how everything works. If you are a java developer or c or any other programming language, you will got hands on experience on how everything works from the core.

6: Linux can run on minimum hardware requirements.

Yes you read it right! even if you got a old desktop from your grannies with 256MB ram(Random Access Memory) and a minimal 10 gb or 5 gb hard disk then also you can run linux on that hardware, isn’t it great? don’t get surprised but you can also boot Linux from a cheap memory card or pen drive.
If you are learning or using linux for personal or professional use then trust me, you have made right choice.
When I started to learn linux, it gave me a really hard time to start with. I started with Ubuntu and there were not much of the stable options. My good working linux broke many times with some unknown commands I used to experiment with. Still remember an incident, I completely removed the user interface from Ubuntu mistakenly off-course. Because I was playing with random commands which gave me a feeling of some Hollywood movie hacker trying to save the world. Then incidentally everything was gone and all I could see was a black terminal and no GUI. i still remember the command sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop, you should try it sometimes too, not really!.
So if you have made your mind and starting to learn linux then be patient and don’t completely switch to linux initially. You can dual boot your system with Windows and linux. So if something goes wrong or you get frustrated then you still got your windows running and safe.
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