Crack coding interview in 4 easy steps

You want to crack coding interview and everything seems so hard to you ?

The reality is, its’s never hard to crack coding interview even if the company you are appearing is Google, Amazon or any Startup. The basic thing which we lack is right preparation. There is also a miss-conception that people from non-coding study background can not crack coding interview but this is not the case. I have seen many mechanical engineers and electrical engineers grabbing good coding jobs in some of the top MNC’s. In market now a days, your skills matters the most not your education background.
I am a Software developer and I also struggled in initial phases of my career crack coding interviews. With my past experience I can surely say that the following steps should be followed if you really want you dream job. If you are a student or someone looking to crack coding interview then you must follow the steps suggested below.

1: Learn programming basics (loops, variables, statements, functions, classes, oops concepts) take first step to crack coding interview

First and most important step is to learn the basics. If you wanna be a star developer or just want to earn your living through coding, in any case you can not skip this step. Irrespective of the language you start with, there are programming basics which apply to every level and to probably every language.
You should learn these basics like “For loop”, “If conditions”, “Switch statements”, “Functions”, “Classes”, “Objects” and all other OOPS concepts. Most of us start with c and c++ to learn the basics and I also prefer you to do so but you can start with any language you feel comfortable in. This is the root step to crack coding interview you are dreaming of.

2: Learn Data Structure ( Trees , graphs, hash tables, searching, sorting)

No doubt, loops, conditions and learning basics is the first step but data structures are the building blocks of any software built, so if you don’t know data structures but familiar with programming basics then you are some architect without any building material, you know a bit but can not really use that. Data structure include “Trees”, “Graphs”, “Hash Tables”, “Searching and sorting” and lot more. Learn data structure after learning basics and then you can consider yourself a coder.

3: Work on live or personal projects

Theoretical knowledge is nothing if you don’t know how to use it in real projects. Working on projects is always a great option, it gives you an idea of how things actually works and you learn to apply what you have learnt by following above two steps. In my college days I used to work in many projects, it gave me great exposure to technology. I used to do freelance projects, it helped me gain experience, practical knowledge and off-course some extra pocket money.
Working on projects, there gonna be many cases in start when you get stuck on simple tasks in start. You can simply ask for help on stack-overflow and search for solution on google. Don’t just stuck and get frustrated, always try to find a solution. Apart from all this, now that you know how to code, practice a lot. Look for coding problems, hackathons,coding challenges. Solve as many coding problems as you can because its been said right that practice make a man perfect.

4: Get a real internship and keep hitting job interviews, more you try better you get.

There is no certainty that you will get your first interview clear even if you are doing everything right. I sometimes got rejected just because some developer of my skill-sets was not required by the company. Try to get into a internship and keep hitting for interviews and yes you heard it right the more you try the better you get. Hit as many interviews as you can and soon you will be in your dream job hitting those desktop key contineously from 9 to 5 ;).
I have seen many college students blaming everything to some lack of resources scenario, I mean this is the time of internet and if you can’t learn coding on your own now then sorry to say but you would never be able to do it with any help. I mean its really simple, there are thousand of free and paid resources available online just a google search away. I am pointing some free coding learning websites.
1: Tutorials Point
2: W3 Schools
There are also specific resources available on providers website like google provide large number of learning resources for angular, Android etc. Even every framework and language website provides getting started guides which are great to start with and absolutely free, thanks to the technical youtubers and bloggers you can just search and learn almost anything.
I you really want to do it then nothing stopping you.
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