Understanding WordPress Plugins Setting

Best way to do WordPress plugins setting

In WordPress, you need to perfectly understand WordPress plugins setting because plugins are used to increase the functionality of website. Suppose if you want to add E-commerce functionality then you can install Woocommerce plugin to your website. There are around 45000 plugins in WordPress directory which you can use for free and each one of them provide different functionality. So lets start with installing plugin, in your WordPress dashboard you will find Plugins menu in the left side. If you click on the plugins menu, this page shows all the plugins that are installed in your WordPress. Have a look at the image below.

Installed Plugins

Mainly there are four option for every plugin in this section :

1: Activate Plugin

2: Deactivate Plugin

3: Remove Plugin

4: Setting

WordPress Plugins Setting
Your plugin will be activate an working if you activate it. After deactivation, plugin will be on your websit but will not work. After removing plugin all the plugin files will be deleted from your website.
Now if you want to add new functionality to your website, let’s say you want to convert your website in a E-commerce shopping portal like flipkart then press the add new button in the above screen. It will take you to the plugins search screen like the image below.

Add New WordPress Plugin through WordPress plugins setting

1: You can upload plugin from your computer

2: Install WordPress plugin from Plugin directory

WordPress Plugins Setting
In the above screen you can filter the plugins based on Featured, Popular, Recommended and Favorites, while installing any plugin always look for its popularity and reviews. You can search for the plugin here and just click on the Install Now button on the plugin you want to install. If you have plugin files on your computer the you can upload the plugin as well for installing, just click on the Upload Plugin button on the above screen and you will be taken to the screen like the image below.
WordPress Plugins Setting

WordPress Plugins Editor

wordpress plugin editor
With the help of WordPress Plugin editor you can edit the files of plugin. I do not strongly recommend you doing so. If you have knowledge of WordPress and you want to edit some plugin then I would recommend you to do it locally in your favorite IDE and upload the edited file through FTP.
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