Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2018

No doubt that 2018 is going to be the year of tech and some new Programming Languages. Selection of top 5 programming languages to learn in 2018 was not easy. There are many new technologies that are emerging really fast. I have selected top 5 programming languages on the basis of following factors :

  • Google Searches
  • Stack Overflow Trends
  • Freelancing website trends
  • IT Job trends
  • Github PYPL Index( PopularitY of Programming Language)

There are thousands of programming languages to choose from and choosing one to learn is never a easy.

My research on the basis of above factors make this list most suitable for top 5 programming languages to learn in 2018 because it will help you find a better job, better freelancing projects and better online solution for your problems and queries if you get stuck.
javascript java c# php python



      :- I am putting python at number 5 it does not mean that it is any less from the above 4 languages,
      Python is gaining huge popularity for its seamless use in machine learning and machine learning is no doubt the future world will feel really soon. Python is designed to code efficiently and fast. As compared to c++ or JAVA you will be writing less code in PYTHON only because of its syntax and it also has better code readability.



      programming languages
      With more then 80% of the top million websites built with PHP thanks to WordPress mostly, PHP does not seems to be loosing its publicity because of strong developer group and its simplicity of development. If you choose to learn PHP then trust me you are not making a wrong choice. This language booked its place in top 5 list of google top searched languages, github popularity index, StackOverflow trends. There are large number of IT jobs for this skill and freelancing jobs have also seen a hike for PHP because of its popular frameworks and CMS.



      c# programming language
      This is the language built for simplicity. You can make possibally anything in C#, from your web services to mobile apps to server applications and lot more. With Xamarin platform makes creating apps for Android and iOS much simpler. With little decrease in its popularity you can still rely on c# for a better career or freelancing.



      :- Java is a most practical language to learn as it was designed to overcome C++. It has huge popularity as around 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java to develop their backend systems and desktop applications. It has high compatibility as it uses the cross platform Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
      Object-oriented principles (OOP) used which are used in modern languages including C++, Python, and PHP. Java is used mainly for creating server side applications, video games, and mobile applications. It’s the core of native Android applications and is really popular among developers.




       javascript programming languages : 13facts
      javascript programming : 13facts

      There are many reasons due to which Javascript top this list. Javascript is trending everywhere, it seems to be on steroids with the growth it is showing. Javascript technologies like angular and nodejs are among top grooming skils on freelancer websites like Upwork, both small IT companies and MNC’s are filling their benches with javascrit developers. With most searched topic on Stack Overflow, Google and Github, Javascript is new love for techies and developers. If you are willing to start Javascript then your options are huge as you can do mobile app development with Ionic and React Native, Server side and client side web development with NodeJs and AngularJs.

Above list is the result of research done by me on the above factors mentioned. Javascript being first in list does not mean you have to choose Javascript. Every language have specific features and usage. You can decide which one to go with according to your requirement and interest.
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