Change background theme in Gmail

Gmail or any webmail is a necessity nowadays like your contact number. Whenever you need to provide your details, you are asked to enter your phone number as well as email address. Android phones and many applications/ themes are available to make it looks classy. But what about your Gmail? Why is it always boring and dull? Ever thought to make it look attractive, which can further help in enhancing your interest in your work? That can be done by changing the background themes of your google mail.

Gmail comes with many themes apart from its boring default view. As per your mood or your choice, your Gmail will appear like you want it to.
Follow the simple steps given below, and within few minutes, make your mailbox lively.
1. Login to your Gmail Account. The settings icon (gear) is present on the top right corner, below your profile picture.

2.After clicking there, a drop down will appear. Choose the second last option of ‘Themes’.

3. A list of pre-defined themes will appear on the page. Choose from basic color themes to HD themes consisting of background images.

4. White and black thumbnails at the bottom right corner tell about how the text would appear with the selected theme.
5. You can return back to your basic theme whenever you want to, by using the same method.
6. If you wish to change your location to select region based themes, simply click the Change link (blue) present at the bottom of the page, select your location (country and city) from the drop-down list. Select your desirable theme and enjoy using your Gmail as before, but with a new and attractive Outlook.

These are the few simple steps to make your Gmail account look attractive by providing a personalized view.
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