How To Move Mails to Different Folders in Gmail

Many times it happens that you create a Gmail account and subscribe to many services. In that case, you receive your important emails as well as many promotional or subscription emails direct in your inbox. This creates a mess in your inbox and makes it quite difficult to sort your important emails from the others. This situation can be handled in a more suitable manner if you have different folders for different mail. Here, the question arises, how to create folders and more importantly, how to move mails to different folders in Gmail account. Well, it’s not that difficult. Just a few steps to know and you can master in managing your email account.

Step by step demonstration to manage your emails:

1. Open your Gmail Website:

This will open the sign in page. Enter your credentials and log into your account.

2. You can now see your email page, by default, it will open the inbox page.

3. On the menu, at the left side of the page, scroll down and you will see ‘More‘ with a drop-down arrow.
4. Clicking on it will show an option of ‘Create new label’. Click on it.

5. This will open a new dialogue box. Enter the name of your new folder (label). Click ‘Create‘. This will create a new label.

If you want to keep multiple subfolders inside any previous folder, check the option ‘Nest label under‘.
Your new folder will now act as a subfolder inside your chosen parent folder.
6. Now come to your inbox page. Choose the emails you want to move to a different folder of your Gmail account by checking the box on the left side of individual emails.

If you want to choose all the mail at once, on the present screen, check the box at the top of the Primary Tab.

7. After selecting the desired emails, click the highlighted option in the image below. This is the ‘Label‘ icon.

8. This will open the drop-down, and you can choose the label you wish to give to your selected emails and click ‘Apply‘. This will keep a copy of your emails on your selected labels.

You can view them anytime by selecting the label from the left menu.
9. If you want to delete them from your Inbox and want to keep them just on your label, then there are two ways for that.

How to move emails in folders directly, without keeping a copy in Inbox?

* After applying the label successfully, choose the down arrow (Archive button) on the menu, above inbox. This will delete the emails from your inbox but keep them in your selected labels.

* Instead of choosing the label, you can directly choose the ‘Move‘ button, At the left side of ‘Label’ button. Choose your desired label after selecting the mails, you wish to move and it will move directly to it.

This will directly move your selected emails to your chosen label and delete them from ‘Inbox’.
Hope you find it helpful in solving your problem. Don’t forget to share your views and experience in the comments section below.

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