What is WordPress ?

Well “What is WordPress” is common question among non technical guys who want to try their hands in blogging or anything related to web. WordPress is not just an open source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. There are two services of WordPress. In simple WordPress wordpress.org is a CMS (Such as a Software) while WordPress.com is a service based on WordPress (CMS).
Wordpress powers 28% of all the website currently working on internet(Source : WordPress . com) so if you don’t know what is WordPress then you probably don’t know how majority of internet websites work today.

  • WordPress (CMS) :
    Website : wordpress.org
    Type : PHP and MySQL based content management system(CMS).
  • WordPress ( Blogging Platform):
    Website : WordPress.com
    Type : It is a platform like google blogger or blogspot. With this you can create a free website or easily build a blog on WordPress.com and it provides Hundreds of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes with Free hosting and support.

When to use WordPress(CMS) ?

WordPress is content management system with which you can build dynamic websites and blogs. WordPress is the most popular website development platform and allows you to update, customize and manage the website from its back-end.

When to use WordPress.com ?

If you have no knowledge of website development and quickly start your website or blog either free(With wordpress.com subdomain) and paid with your own domain. It is a fully managed service. This service in itself based on WordPress (CMS)
As WordPress .com is a service and there is nothing much to learn about it so WordPress(CMS) is going to be our main focus to learn and by word WordPress we directly mean WordPress(CMS)

How OLD is WordPess and who made it ?

According to Wikipedia WordPress was initially released on
14 years ago completely written in PHP to work with MySQL by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.
Later in 2009 WordPress is made opensource.

What is Content Management System(CMS) ?

As we have stated like everyone else on internet that WordPress is a CMS, let’s discuss what is CMS.
A content management system is like a software which stores all the data such as text, photos, music, documents and make it available on your website. with CMS you can edit, publish and modify the content of your website.

What are the basic features of WordPress ?

  • User Management

    You can manage the user information such as changing the role of the users to (subscriber, contributor, author, editor or administrator), create or delete the user, change the password and user information. The main role of the user manager is Authentication.

  • Media Management

    With this you manage the media files and folder, in which you can easily upload, organize and manage the media files on your website.

  • Well coded theme system

    With this you can modifying the site view and functionality. It includes images, stylesheet, template files and custom pages. There are thousand of free themes available in WordPress Directory which you can use to build you website.

  • Extend WordPress functionality with Plugins

    Thousands plugins are available which provides custom functions and features according to the users need.

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Friendly

    WordPress is well coded for search engine optimization (SEO) tools which makes on-site SEO simple. Apart from that WordPress has hundreds of plugins which only helps in making your website SEP effecient

  • Multilingual

    At the time of installation you can choose from many languages for your website to be in. Just. If you want your website to be in multiple languages then you can install many plugins from WordPress plugins directory which are free and efficient.

what are competitors to WordPress ?


Official Website : Drupal


Official Website : Joomla


Official Website : Magento
Magento is said to be the most advanced content management system till now.

What are the Advantages of WordPress ?

  • It is an open source platform which means it is available for free.
  • Designs and themes can be modified according to the design as per users requirement.
  • There are thousands of plugins and templates available for free. You can customize the various plugins as per your need.
  • It is really easy and fun to edit the content as it uses WYSIWYG editor.
  • Media files can be easily and quickly uploaded.
  • It makes on-site SEO simple.
  • Easy customization as per user’s needs.
  • WordPress can help you create different roles for users such as admin, author, editor and contributor.

Now if you know ” what is WordPress ?” you would like to know about the disadvantages of WordPress ?

  • Using many plugins would make the website heavy to load.
  • WordPress needs to be updated for better security and bug fixes.

If you have find the answer to your question bout what is WordPress? then you are ready to take the next steps towards learning WordPress and programming.
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