How To Change Gmail Username and Email Id

We need to admit that we all need to know How To Change Gmail Username and Email Id because we have done a silly mistake while creating our very first Gmail id and that is using adjectives like hotboy, badboy, angel, princess, demon and much more. Bummer!!! Now, as we are grown up and we need to use this id’s officially maybe in college’s placement cell, or in offices you’re working and maybe while applying for jobs you can’t use id’s like coolboyxyz @, or angelxyz @ because that’s the very first point which will hit your first impression really hard.
how to change gmail send as
So, here I am with the steps of solving this problem without creating a new id because the no. of accounts you’ll keep on creating, you’ll always be confused with the passwords as well.So, instead of creating another one, go for improvising you current id which will be the grownup version of yours!

On your device, open Gmail

So the first step you’ll be doing it on your laptop, system, or maybe your phone browser, “OPEN” and Sign In with your existing email id and password as usual.

Open Settings

After you’ve opened your account, have a look at the top right and you’ll find “settings” over there. Click on settings.
gmail open setting

Accounts and Import

After you’ve entered in the settings panel of Gmail, the next step will be clicking on the Accounts and Import tab. This is the 4th tab from left.
gmail account and import

Edit “Send mail as”

In the Accounts and Import tab, you’ll see an option “Send mail as” and in the same row towards the right, click on “edit info”.
gmail change send as email

Edit your email id

After clicking on edit info, a dialogue box will appear as shown below. Add the name you want to use for your official id when you want will send messages and click on “Save changes”.
gmail change email id
And that’s it!! You’re all set to use your existing id without being uncomfortable and giving a grown-up impression to the receiver.

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