Future Crime Prediction By Indian Police From 2018

Ever heard a dialogue in movies: To catch the criminal, you have to think like him? Something like this is about to happen in the real world as well. You are enjoying your vacation in the hills of Kashmir and a thief grabs this opportunity to benefit him by breaking the locks of your house, and you are totally unaware of this mishappening, but before he could succeed in his plan, cops approach him and he is behind the bars. This is not a movie scene or a miracle, but technology. Big Data powered predictive policy will soon make this happen in India.

Crime Prediction using Big Data:

National Crime Records Bureau, collects and stores the crime-related data in India. NCRB has decided that this data and the available information will be used to develop different crime control methods. They are trying to implement the next generation crime controlling tactics with the help of Big Data.

Questions arise: How India is so sure about its success?

The Predictive Policy is being used in many countries like the USA and has proved successful in reducing the crime rate. Now, Indian Criminals should also be aware because they no longer will be able to enjoy their crimes.
NCRB has planned to start the execution of Big Data Predictive Policy in the states of Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, Haryana, and Tripura, by March 2018. By the end of 2018, there is a plan to cover whole India under Big Data Predictive Policy.
At present, Advanced Data Research Institute (ADRIN), based in Hyderabad, is working on a software, which will be able to predict crime before it actually takes place, as per the data stored in NCRB.

The procedure of Big Data:

If you see the pattern of the criminal activities, you will notice that there is always a similar pattern in any kind of mishappening done by the criminals. The activities done by the thieves are mostly after midnight and in the months of the winters. Therefore, the Big-Data software will be capable to catch those traits and predict the future to search for criminal activities.

Let’s consider an example:

There are 5 Lac people in a town, the software will keep a record of the number of housebreaking activities in the 1st week of the month. It is when the people get paid with the salary. Also, there is a secluded place outside the town between the bridge and the main junction. Here, most of the criminal activities take place between 7 pm and 10 pm.
The above information can be used to predict the crime, about to occur in any particular locality or area or at what time. The software is going to multiple millions of such data points. Thus, it can create a complete picture about how, when and where the crime can occur.
This information will help the police to reach the location before time, step up surveillance, enforce more manpower if required. The Police will take all the necessary steps to stop the crime before it will take place.

Factors to focus on:

  • Geographical Location of the crime
  • Population of the area
  • Race
  • Lifestyle of people
  • Major Social issues

Combining all these factors, and analyzing with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s an effort to take out maximum predictions out of the Big Data.
According to an expert,”Crime pattern identification, crime prediction and alerts, redeployment of police resources, monitoring social media and news analysis relating to crime is part of the project.”
Therefore, it can be estimated that big data is going to reduce a large number of crimes in future, or maybe it can eradicate them.
As per a resource,”It is basically the use of big data analytics to predict geographical areas where crime is most likely to take place, after taking into account various factors followed by analysis.”


It is not just theory based, practicals have also been done in many countries. As per a report from Los Angeles, the Police Dept. has succeeded in reducing 12% crimes related to property, 21% violent crimes and 33% thefts with the help of predictive policing.
It was done with the help of feeding the record of 13 million crimes committed in the last 80 years.
In Chicago, the Police used the big data to target on active criminals. Therefore, Police reached on the predicted locations and arrested the guilty ones.
A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) is signed between National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and Advanced Data Research Institute (ADRIN). This would soon start the work and results in the reduction of criminal activities.
Now criminals will be forced to the hard work if they want to lead a life of comfort.

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