iOS 11 Screen Recording Trick

Everyone is talking about the new updates in the iOS 11 including the new features in the App Store or the Control Center. The main and most exciting feature added is hidden in its settings. You might be wondering what it could be. It’s the Screen Recording Option. Although it was possible earlier as well, to do this, tethering with the Mac was required, then only you will be able to record the iPhone screen. Now you don’t need to do all such connections. Just press a button on your iPhone and perform the Screen Recording. This amazing update can be enjoyed by just customizing your Control Center.

How can this feature bring a change?

As discussed above, to use this feature of iOS 11, you need to add it to your Control Center. For this, open your Settings > Control Center, there you see the icon of Screen Recording with a green plus sign to the left of it, providing you option it add it to your Control Center screen.


After the settings done, come to your home screen, pull out your Control Center and check your Screen Recording icon present there. Its icon appears just like a camera shutter icon. Hence, you can simply tap there and your screen recording will begin.

Add Audio to your recordings:

If you operate your screen recording, there would be no sound in it. The Screen Recording option generally allows you to record the video without any audio. In case you are interested in adding audio side by side with the recording through your iPhone’s mic, it can be done. Suppose you want to narrate steps of your video recordings, you can use Touch ID by force press on the Screen Recording icon. After that, at the bottom of the screen, tap the red icon of the Microphone Audio. With this, you’ll be able to record your screen’s video along with the audio from or around your iPhone.

Is Snapchat recording possible with this update?

As it is known, that Snapchat never allows the viewer to take a snapshot or a recording of its stories. As soon you try to do so, it will notify the owner of that account.

It’s a buzz going on that this update if iPhone can allow the users to record Snapchats, Instagram Stories, or direct messages secretly, without letting the other person know.

This update is true for Instagram Stories or other ephemeral messages such as Hike Stories or WhatsApp Status Updates secretly, but as far as Snapchat is concerned, this case is not true yet. The app will still notify the account holder about this secret recording practice. He will be notified that the snap is screen grabbed.

Useful Tasks:

Apart from keeping secret records of private messages, you can have many beneficial uses of this feature. If someone is not able to understand any other feature or facing any problem, the person can create a video and send to the other person. By this, you can help one him by understanding his query more clearly.

You can record different videos on your phone such as live video streaming or any gaming video. Sports organizations can have better use of this feature. Sharing different clips and converting them into GIF will not be a difficult task now.
This gives an additional feature where you can edit your videos such as trimming of the video. You can decide the beginning and endpoint of the video from the Control Center.
If you want an undisturbed video, turn off the push notifications before starting the recording. So that they don’t disturb in between the recording and hinder the video.
Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode can also be activated to prevent the unnecessary notifications from popping up during the video recording.
Hope this article has provided a brief information about the brand new feature of iPhone X (iOS 11). Give it a try by yourself and share your experience in the comments section below.

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