iOS 11 Hidden Features

With the every new Apple iPhone, the fans get excited about the new update and their excitement and wait are always worthy as the brand never disappoints its users. This year as the official release of iOS 11 has taken place by the Cupertino giant. Although it looks similar to iOS 10, it contains some new and hidden features which make it amazing.

If you have a new iPhone, you can’t miss these updates which can be proved useful in improving your productivity.

1. Customizable Control Centre:

When you have to buy a new phone, its all features look extremely amazing to you. When the time passes, you try to change things as per your necessity, even its customizing features. Talking about iOS 10, there was no such feature and you had to stick to the default settings, but to your surprise, iOS 11 has come up with this cool feature where you can customize and re-arrange things in the Control Centre app. In the Settings tab of the Control Centre, you can decide and customize the controls you want such as adding low battery mode or alarm settings in the Control Centre for easy access.

2. Sharing Wi-Fi Password:

Each time a guest comes home and ask for the wifi password. It sounds annoying to spell it to them or taking their cell phone and typing the password by yourself. With this new update, you can free yourself with such embarrassing situations. iOS 11 allows you to share your password with the tap of a button. It won’t even share the password with others but simply connect their device to the Wi-Fi router after you approve it.

This update is useful if your friend also has an Apple device with iOS 11.

3. One-Handed Mode:

It is an old feature of Android, but a new feature for iPhone users. Typing with one hand is possible with iOS 11. You can activate this feature by holding your thumb down on the emoji icon, a pop-up will appear to provide you option if you want to move your keyboard to the left or to the right.

4. Indoor Mapping:

Till now, the mapping is used to locate the outdoors such as a building, house or hospitals, but this Indoor Mapping can let you explore inside a building as well. If you are at the airport, you can find bathrooms or shops in public areas with the blueprints from Apple Maps.

5. Chat with Siri:

With the new update of iOS, Siri has also upgraded. If you feel ever felt embarrassed talking to Siri in public places, iOS 11 has solved your this problem by adding a chat option. In the SettingsAccessibility, tap on Siri and choose the option: ‘Type to Siri’. BINGO. Your problem is solved. Whether you are in a crowded place where Siri can’t distinguish between your voice and other voices or if you don’t feel like talking to Siri when not alone, you don’t have to now.

6. Camera:

Many new features have been added in the Camera such as automatic detection of QR codes. Now there is no need for any third party app to read QR codes. Your default camera is able to do so.

Facing problem is setting the frame? No issue at all. Go to Settings > Camera > Switch on ‘Grid’. While taking a picture of an object, two ‘+’ icons will appear on the screen, line them up and your image will be leveled before clicking.

Want to edit live photos? iOS 11 gives you that option as well. Edit live photos and use them as animations. There are few editing options to live videos as well such as you can mute them or edit their length or trim it. To make it look perfectly captured, you can even grab the sliders from both ends.

7. Drag and Drop:

Tap any app and hold it until it jiggles and with this you can select multiple apps at once, drag them to different screens you can compile them in a single folder too.

This feature is present in iPad as well as in iPhone with iOS 11. This feature is helpful in Files and Notes app. We hope that this feature would soon be supported in other native apps too.

8. Screenshots and Screen Recording:

You can take the screenshot with the previous method, but the update helps you to customize it. A preview will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen from where you can make changes, draw over, re-size the image or even share it with others. You can later save it or discard it to save the memory, as per your requirement.

The latest feature is the Screen Recording. In the Control Center, select Screen Recording, this will start recording your phone’s activity like a video. You can stop this activity by pressing the stop button and the recording will be saved to your camera roll.

Explore your new Apple Device with these latest updates and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below.

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