Different types of Marketing Tools

Appropriate marketing tools are used for Marketing. The scale and budget of a brand are decided and on that basis, ATL (Above The Line) or BTL (Below The Line) Marketing is chosen. The integration of both creates a new term: TTL (Through The Line) Marketing.
ATL is done on a high level for the entire audience. The advertisement on a TV is ATL Marketing, where a number of people can see it. This creates a widespread marketing of a brand. Airtel advertising about its open network to gain more customers is an ATL Marketing. In this, the audience is untargeted. Therefore, ATL is mostly for brand awareness.
BTL is done specially for the targeted audience. The campaigns organized for a certain group to get a direct response. Amway, when started as a start-up, it used to hold campaigns to spread knowledge about its products and make members to increase the business. To hold such meetings, there is a huge requirement of the targeted audience, to focus on the brand only. The members who used to attend such campaigns are 80% focused to be a part of that campaign. These members then spread the business with their knowledge by using either a word to word communication with the people or distributing pamphlets, or any other method.
TTL contains both the marketing techniques to attract their customers, ATL on a higher level and BTL on small scale. TV advertisements, big banners on famous locations, radio announcements, big advertisements column in Newspapers, advertising with the help of media or press all are part of ATL Marketing while email marketing, small banners on local places, pamphlets on walls, pillars, email marketing, social media marketing like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube ads, all are part of BTL Marketing.

ATL (Above the line) Marketing:

Considering few more examples all the techniques will give a clearer picture of these marketing techniques.


During 20% of the day, people watching television, therefore advertising the products over TV can reach to maximum people, which includes the interested ones and the others as well. As there is no filter in the TV ads, it is visible to all such as Car Company, bikes, restaurants, cosmetics, etc. advertisements are visible on the screen to hit the maximum number of viewers. Jio services have started a new offer combined with the show KBC. The user has to install JIO CHAT application to get benefit from the offer. The user can play KBC sitting at home with the help of this app. With this step, people who are interested in the game will surely download the app, which would ultimately increase it ranking in the play store.


Banner advertisements, video ads before the starting of any YouTube video, different websites or blogs show ads for few seconds on their page. An ad of Lipton Green Tea is available nowadays before every video on YouTube. Many such brands promote like this, where the user is forced to watch them. For the YouTube, it can be just a matter of few seconds, but watching the same ad again and again, can create an effect on the viewer. Out of 1000, let’s say, 100 would create a thought about that brand, and out of 100, 10 would even think of trying it. In this way, the marketing is done.


Not every working person has time for the TV. Some listen to the radio while driving or during the workday. Radio stations can be local, regional or national, where you choose to promote your brand. On FM 95.0, they are promoting a hospital from many days, as their sponsor, in Delhi. So, when a person listens to this channel, he is able to listen to that particular name many times within one hour. Now, one would remind anything or not, but during an emergency, he would most probably remember the name of that particular hospital.


From local to Bollywood, kitchen to page3, business to success stories, magazines cover a greater area for their readers. Few pages are available in them for the branding purpose. Trusted readers have a bond with their magazines, and they trust the things written in those pages.
The above examples include ATL Marketing where no feedback is provided. It includes only one sided communication. The audience is untargeted as the advertisement can be of viewer’s interest or can’t be. Therefore, it can’t provide a clear statistics that it influenced how much percentage of the audience.

BTL (Below The Line) Marketing:

In case of BTL Marketing, the most targeted audience is there. It costs less than ATL.

Direct Mail:

Direct mailing to the customers creates a record of the people contacted, also, how many have reverted back, to try the services. It gives an idea about the kind of audience interested in your product.

Free Delivery Service:

If you being a customer, buy something, and the online shopping site charges for delivery, you can sometimes feel like cheated, as you are not only paying for the product but for the delivery as well, which costs you double than the original price. Providing free shipment helps in gaining customers. Nykaa- a cosmetic online shopping site, applies shipping charges for the products but to a certain amount; let’s say, up to 500, if you purchase items more than 500 bucks, your shipping is free. This not only benefits customers but also the brand and the site owners.


The audience who attends the exhibition would ask questions or show their interest in your products. Here, you can communicate directly, or use other methods like phone or email, to build a strong relationship and grow your business. Therefore, it helps in building brand trust with the customers.


Holding a campaign, or sponsor any event, where free coupons can be provided to the audience, can help in the brand awareness. Example, in the field of food or beverages, after giving free samples, you can ask for a feedback, which can further help in the right direction.
Red Bull distributed free samples to the local towns and cities to create brand awareness, as a BTL Marketing campaign.
Paytm gave cash back to the customers initially on every purchase. This attracted the users to use this app above any other.

Free Trial:

This lets the user decide whether he wants to continue with the services or not. Netflix: Online movies and Seasons app provides a free trial for few days, where the user can experience the quality and the quantity. If the available material matches his needs, he can further go for a pro version to experience full services. Photoshop: Picture editing software, also provides a free sample with limited time, to let the user experience and then decide. Many brands offer free trials to gain customer’s trust and satisfaction to make a permanent customer for their brand.

TTL (Through The Line) Marketing:

TTL Marketing is a kind where it’s tried to keep a focus on the targeted audience by creating brand awareness on a larger scale. It’s best for small businesses. Simplifying it can sum up to ATL methods are used in BTL campaigns, that’s why it’s an integrated approach.
Example: Any organization asks for funding on a national TV by providing its contact number, is able to attract only who people who are ready to help. Therefore, many people see that advertisement, but the only targeted audience will give feedback.
A radio announces about the loss of a child at a particular location, providing a full description of the appearance and the clothing of the child. It gives a contact number to call if any ones can help in that context. A similar case occurred in Delhi a few days back, where a boy, named Raunak was lost from his own house. FM 93.5 circulated the news and with the help of peoples’ awareness, he was rescued safely to his home. Although this is not a case of Marketing, here also, the announcement was done as per ATL Level, and feedback was received only from the people who could help in that regard.
Hope this provides a sneak peek into the world of marketing.
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