How to install XAMPP on your computer

If you want to run Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, PEAR framework, you need to learn how to install XAMPP on your computer

Install XAMPP and save a lot of time and effort and provides the software support for web frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, or wikiMedia on any computer. if you want to setup a web development environment then installing XAMPP is the best option for you, suppose you want to run WordPress on your local machine so you would need PHP and MySQL running on your computer. it also give you good user interface sot handle these service like turning on/off Apache, MySQL etc. If you would want to install PHP, MySQL, Pearl manually in would cost you lots of time and effort but XAMPP does this all for you with single install.
I am going to simplyfy the process of installing XAMPP in few steps below:

Step 1 : Go to go to in you web browser and click on download button.

Step 2 : When prompt appears for download then click the “Save” button and wait for the download to finish.

Step 3 : To install XAMPP, Click “install” and “run” after that accept the default settings. Hit the Enter, and accept the default settings for all the prompts that appear. To simplify installation, just hit ENTER when prompted. You will always be able to change settings by editing configuration files later on.

Install XAMPP

Step 4 : Now click Finish to exit setup after you successfully install XAMPP:

Install XAMPP

Step 5 : XAMPP Control Panel

You can always start/stop any process from the XAMPP control panel.
Install XAMPP

Feel free to comment below if you are facing some issues while installing XAMPP or if you have some other query.

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