How Influencer Marketing Support Digital Marketing?

Marketing is about promoting your product and services. As a user, you are a customer which provides the business to the brand by using their services. In case of Business to Customer (B2C) Marketing, many strategies are used to reach the customers. Ads on newspapers, hoardings on shops, television advertisements and many other things, so that it becomes more and more visible. When we like someone, we listen to that person and follow as well. This rule is also applied in marketing. This kind of marketing is known as Influencer Marketing. Influencer means the one who can influence. Salespersons have the ability to influence people but on a small scale. The term Influencer Marketing works on large scale. Hence, it can be a campaign, an advertisement, a blog, a post, or a tweet from any person who is able to mark an influence on its audience.
So, in order to have a detailed study about Influencer Marketing, read the below post.

Influencer Marketing:

It is a type of marketing where the brand’s message is forwarded to the market with the help of key leaders. Marketing is focused on influential people rather than the target market. In simple words, a company hires a person who takes the responsibility of promoting the brand in the market rather than marketing directly to the consumers.

It takes two forms of marketing to support influencer marketing: Social-Media Marketing and Content Marketing. Influencers can have their personal social channels to promote the brand. Ranbir Singh was a brand ambassador of VIVO, therefore, he was promoting his brand.  The other way is the content marketing where either the influencer campaigns provide materials to the influencers or they themselves create the content.

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM):

Although Influencer Marketing is effective with the help of word of mouth with friends and family which increases the marketing in the form of communication, word of mouth is not always the strategy of influencer campaigns.

It helps in creating a connection with the consumers. The sales representatives talk to the customers one to one about their products. This creates an emotional bonding with the company. Different publicity activities are also a part of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing which includes buzz, blog or SMM.

How to build Influencer Campaigns?

  • First and foremost step is to have a product influencer. Therefore, identify the one through different platforms or search manually. Celebrities can be good influencers because people follow them easily.
  • Organize a marketing campaign which is intended for the influencers.
  • Another campaign can be helpful for the influencers in creating awareness in the target consumers.
  • The final step is to track the key matrices related to brand awareness or sales.

Key steps for Influencer Campaign:

Plan Strategy:

To make a strategy, you should be careful with your thoughts and planning.  Therefore, do a thorough study of the different processes and examples running in the market and create a plan.

Identify and Select Influencer:

As per the budget and the scope, some research work is required to select appropriate influencers for the campaign. Hence, the followings methods can be adapted for this work.

Identification Methods:

  • Database: Searching databases and getting information about influencers is a one way. Here, one can communicate with them directly.
  • Google: As Google is the solution to almost every problem nowadays. It helps in the search of influencers as well. This time-consuming method includes searching webpages for contact information of individuals and keeping their records.
  • Marketplaces: It provides a database of real time.
  • Networks: This method is in the middle of database and market place. As with the help of Network, one can have a database of influencers present in the market in real time scenario.

Selection of Influencers varies according to the required work.

Types of Influencers:

The next step includes the selection of influencers. What kind of influencer will do the best for your brand, what are the requirements of the target audience?

  • Celebrity Influencers: Celebrities or famous personalities, which are followed by the crowd, can promote the business to a greater extent in a campaign as well as on other social media platforms.
  • High-Quality Content Creators: The content writers know the type of audience they want. They can create content according to the audience and data.
  • Buzz Builders and Promoters: These are able to reach the audience, greater in size. They promote the brand by spreading words about it through various methods such as focused blogs or providing your brand a higher ranking so that it gains attention.
  • Advocates and Employees: The brand ambassadors of any brand would love to promote your brand, as the person is being paid for that. Share the content on your social channels and keep updated.

Program workflow and automation:

Right content is able to attract the right audience. To compel the target audience towards the content, it has to be very effective and should clearly speak about the objectives and its benefits for the target audience.

Apart from content, social gatherings can also take place where people can participate and understand better. Example: VIVO Smartphones held a campaign in a crowded shopping mall, where they gave the opportunities to the audience to use their handsets and share their experience with the other people around them. This step helped in gaining the confidence of the customers about the company and it promoted the brand as well.

Optimized Distribution:

Apart from content writing and sharing it on social media channels by influencers, other strategies are also used. Quotes and testimonials are made with the influencer content, share content in your brand newsletter and feature top celebrities in TV ads.

Monitor and Track Key Metrics:

Different matrices track the performance and how far you have reached to your original goal. This helps in keeping the proper track of the work and strategies, also where more efforts need to be done, or which is your target audience. It provides a focused view of the work done by influencers which help in their rankings.

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