What is Online Marketing

Digital/ Online Marketing or data-driven marketing is the new trend of using digital technology such as the Internet, mobile phones or advertisings.
The techniques include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Media (SEM), Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Campaign, Content Automation, E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Social Media Optimization (SMO), marketing through emails, e-books or through gaming.
Initially, it was started in 1990’s. In 2000’s, it came more into knowledge and use.
Other terms used for Digital Marketing: Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Web Marketing.
Non-Linear Marketing approach occurs through Blog posts, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms famous today. These social networks help a lot in reaching the audience and get their views back about their experiences. The feedback helps in making changes and improving the services. These feedbacks are visible to others as well. Therefore, it helps in creating a trust in the audience/ customers about the services.

Business marketing:

A practice of promoting or selling products/ services to the organizations which help them in their operational purposes. The suppliers or manufacturers integrate the other business products in their own, which helps in improving the performance of their own products.
Business to customer marketing is about attracting customers about the services for the benefit of the business. B2B also includes marketing strategies just like B2C marketing. It promotes the brand to position the product offerings and efficient use of company resources. Business marketing includes Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy (IMCS) to support each other. As it is at larger extent than B2C Marketing, it uses different channels to reach the target audience. Few promotional methods to create Brand awareness includes Industry White Papers, Trade Shows, Corporate Websites, and Webcasts. Brand awareness is also done with the help of social media such as blogging sites, podcasts, and social networking. This helps in increasing the traffic on their channels and attract customers.

What defines the B2B Marketing Success?

To access the marketing performance in the organization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used. The B2B sales cycle is a long process, hence, CRM system is used to track how marketing contributed to the transaction, showing how and where the prospects converted to customers.

Criticality of Cultural Awareness:

Criticality of Cultural Awareness effects Marketing. The lack of cultural knowledge about the area, in which trading takes place, can adversely affect the global marketing. One can face embarrassment or economic loss even in a simple decision, if unaware of the cultural business.
As a result, knowing about foreign culture and language difference is equally important as sales opportunities in the market.
Many countries have a culture of Hand Shaking before and after meeting, whereas some have a culture of sharing business cards. It’s not only about business meetings but about advertisements as well. It is possible that an ad is attracting customers and running fine in one country whereas it’s meaning changes after the translation in any native language or it could be offensive. In such a situation, lack of cultural awareness can cause huge loss to the business. Hence, it is important to know about the culture, where trading needs to take place.

Why is Marketing Plan Critical?

If it doesn’t consider to be critical, it will be without planning. A work is done in hurry and impatiently is always full of risk. Therefore, planning for marketing is critical.
The main things required during the planning of marketing:

  • Marketing Budget

    To decide a budget, there has to be a plan.

  • Marketing Balance

    One can’t simply run with the only offline plan or only online plan. To keep a balance in the market and to attract a type of audience, you need to keep a marketing balance as well.

  • Marketing Plan aligns Objectives

    Objectives can be about the customer, client or budget. A proper plan can help in deciding what kind of audience you want to attract, which clients you want to deal with and in which budget.

  • Due Diligence in Marketing Plan

    It’s necessary to take a look, give some time to any new project before finalizing it. Without properly considering if the present scheme is beneficial, if it would attract the right clients or whether it fits into your planned budget or not, it can affect your business. Therefore, in the case of saving few minutes, you can make wrong decisions. If you are not confident about the offer, decline it. Therefore, giving proper time before taking any decision is effective.

  • Marketing Focus

    It’s the most important thing. Without focus, marketing can fall. A plan is the only thing which helps in keeping focus. Therefore, if you have a plan, you know where to head, and how to keep yourself focused without losing the site.

  • Consistency of Work

    A plan helps in keeping focused. Revised your plan on regular basis. Doing this can diminish the effects of ups and downs faced by the businesses. Without proper planning, the work can dry. As they are busy, they forget about marketing and stuck themselves with work, which affects the cycle.

  • Marketing Plan gets Money

    For finance, most bankers look for a business plan, which includes a marketing plan. If one considers selling their business, a marketing plan is a foremost part which attracts good sale price.

What is the Criticality of Online Marketing in Business?

A business plan includes factors which decide the budget, customers, and clients. Digitisation has made it easy to reach a large number of audience in a lesser time.
Hence, Online Marketing includes digital advertizing, online brochures, email marketing or many other methods.
Few famous spots of promoting business through digital/ online marketing:

  • Own Website
  • Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Advertisements on YouTube Videos
  • Blog Posts and EBooks
  • Online Brochures and Lookbooks.
  • Branding assets like logos or fonts.

Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (Google AdWords), Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Online PR are the tactics used for the growth of the business.

Online Marketing beneficial for B2B and B2C marketing:

It can be used for any business, but strategies can be different as per the requirements.
In the case of B2B marketing, the goal is to attract the highest quality leads for your salespeople through different digital channels.
B2C marketing attracts customers directly to the website without the need of sales persons as an intermediator to promote your brand.

In the case of B2B, own website, as well as business-oriented channels such as LinkedIn, are helpful. But in the case of B2C, channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest can make a difference.

Why Online Marketing?

It provides an accurate result to the marketers in real time.
Website Traffic helps in tracking the exact number of audience visited your website and number of pages explored and many other things. But in the case of offline marketing, as you can’t take direct feedback from the audience, there is no direct way to take an exact report about the audience getting influenced by your business.
Content Performance in Online marketing helps you in measuring how many people are actually engaging with your content.
Attribution Modeling keeps tracing the sales back to customers. Hence, it helps in deciding which part of marketing strategy deserves more attention or which part needs refining.
Therefore, online/ digital marketing is an apt tool to develop business.
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