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A Delhi tech startup for beauty care, yoga, home decor and many such services are present very near you with the help of your mobile and the famous name is UrbanClap. Raghav Chandra, Varun Khaitan and Abhraj Bhal founded this in 2014. It is available in 6 cities of India: NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad. Its mobile app is very user-friendly and you can book an appointment in few seconds. The mobile app is very light: 6.31 MB.

Investments and funding include 6 rounds starting from 2014 to 2017:

The first round of funding i.e. Series A included $10M from Saif and Accel Partners. Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, the founders of Snapdeal, also invested in UrbanClap. It has a support from Ratan Tata as well, as he is the investor of Snapdeal.
It went through 6 Rounds of funding in total which includes 7 investors:

  • Seed Round: $1.6M (Apr 2015)
  • Series A: $10M (Jun 2015)
  • Series B: $25M (Nov 2015)
  • Venture: Undisclosed Amount (Dec 2015)
  • Debt Financing: Rs.200M (Apr 2017)
  • Series C: $21M (July 2017)

The total funding amount received by UrbanClap is $57.6M. It is having 251-500 employees.

Let’s have a look into its journey, ups and downs, and a famous success story.

Abhiraj Bhal and Varun Khaitan quit their jobs from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) from US Office, to start a business of their own. Both of them were sure about their decision, although the startup idea was yet pending to decide. Abhiraj Bhal said, “The idea was to build an enduring business, no matter what it takes.”

His success story is revealed this his statement, “We spent several weekends during our  stint at BCG, just discussing what kind of business we could start…these conversations went on for 2 years until one day we told ourselves either we should act on it or just face the brutal reality that we don’t have the guts.”
The first initiated idea was ‘Cinemabox’, an entertainment device for buses, trains or planes, which took place in 2013  when both friends returned India.
Raghav Chandra, the third co-founder of the company build a mobile application ‘Buggi.in’,  before joining Bhal and Khaitan. Buggi.in was a mobile application for booking auto-rickshaws on-demand. He has worked with Twitter as well. He too quit his job for a startup business.
Sadly, both Buggi.in and Cinemabox shut down after 6-8 months. They came together in December 2014, and UrbanClap came into existence.

How did the idea come up into the limelight?

After the failure of both the startups, initiated by Bahl and Khaitan; and Chandra, they joined and thought of an idea, which can provide home services to the users, which can benefit the customers in their own comfort zone.

It’s having a rating of 4.2 out of 5 from more than 10 Lac customers; which is a very great rating in just past 3 years.
An Indian e-commerce service is being run by 3 people who joined hands after leaving their jobs, is proving to be a right decision on the right track.

Competition in the market.

At the time of launching, few other startups were also launched in the same year: Housejoy, Zimmber, Taskbob, Spini and BookMeln. Before that, LocalOye and Timesaverz were already in competition. But UrbanClap succeeded in getting the attention of the investors in just 6 months and they received a funding commitment of $1M from SAIF  Partners. By the end of 2015, it came in the list of most-funded start-ups.
In Dec, 2015, an undisclosed amount was funded by Ratan Tata to UrbanClap.

Latest Update.

It has shaken hands with tech giant Google, which has started its services in India with the help of an app named Areo which provides home and food delivery services. According to a report, UrbanClap has a total of 107 services which includes Wedding Photographers, Yoga Trainers, Interior Designers, Dieticians and the most important for which it is famous within the customers with advertisements on television is the Beauticians, who come home with all the types of equipment/things and provide you a complete service with full relaxation.

Talking about SURVIVAL.

The business strategy is all about making the things work in your favor.It’s not easy to think of a business which already has competitors in the market and already successful in their fields. In such a scenario, UrbanClap showed up and hit the market with its good services. The main focus of all the 3 partners in this startup was to make it happen as they gave their more than 2 years of life only in thinking about an idea which can make a boom in the market.
They have tried a unique marketing strategy. They helped people when they were in need at many places and simply used a banner of UrbanClap with them. They helped in cleaning the garbage on Delhi roads after the municipal workers went on strike, or they distributed free helmets on the roads of Chennai, who so ever was not having one.
In today’s times, everyone wants to stay healthy but busy schedule bounds to follow the heart. Therefore, UrbanClap provides a personal yoga trainer who would come to your home on your decided time.
It is providing services like shifting homes, home decor, health cares (physicians, dieticians, yoga and fitness trainers), parties and caterings, photography, pre-wedding shoots and personal body care.
You can book an appointment at home for various services as well.

UrbanClap and It’s Aim.

While helping people in providing a comfy life, they are also giving a chance to others for making a career with the UrbanClap.
Yes, you heard it right!
Either be a customer or be a professional, UC is ready to welcome you with both the opportunities. You can simply download the mobile app, select your location, or simply ‘Turn On’ your location from your handset, select the service you want to avail, select a package of your choice and book an appointment.
If you wanna become a partner, choose the services you can provide and create your account.
The Aim of the UrbanClap:

  • Provide a comforting environment to the customers.
  • Helping in the career enhancement of others by joining them with UrbanClap.
  • Make everyone healthy and beautiful with the better quality services.

As per Bahl, “I can just thump my chest and promote beauty as a category for any new customer”. According to Bahl, beauty services provide the highest revenue for the business.
Website: www.urbanclap.com
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