Entrepreneurship With Best Startup Business Ideas

Entrepreneurship is a word which attracts everyone. A work of your own interest, no boss to report, no time boundaries but most important and necessary part is the hard work and sacrifice, yes that is what a startup business is. A 9-5 job may provide you a fixed salary by the end of the month, but once you are ready to give are your effort in your own business, you will never be able to satisfy yourself again with the 9-5 schedule or the salary it provides.
After getting a thought of being entrepreneur either by quitting the present work or start a startup business while working in a firm for a full time, the first question which arises in mind is- What Startup Business it could be? How to enter the market? What are the required strategies? What are the startup ideas which will grow in the market? The first and foremost thing you require is to search about your interest. No matter hard work pays you back but if you work in your interested field then you will be able to give more input to your startup which will ultimately give you better results.

Following are the few fields with which you can have a starting and can establish a great startup business with your hard work and capabilities:

  1. Graphic Design:

    If you know about graphic designing with which almost every student from IT background is familiar, then it can be helpful for you. ‘Learning Foundation of Graphic Design’ and ‘Adobe Illustrator‘ will help in this field. There is few courses present which you can learn before entering into this field completely such as Graphic Design Fundamentals and Graphic Design Bootcamp.

  2. Web Design:

    Web Designing is getting very popular in freelancing business. If you know how to create a beautiful web page by mixing images and colors with the right combinations then you can master this art. The basic requirements in Web Designing startup business are HTML and CSS. To make yourself more eligible, you can opt for some courses such as Modern Web Design and Web Design and Profitable Freelancing which will not only enhance your experience but also make you strong in this field of online business.

  3. Online Coaching Classes:

    If you have good teaching skills then this course is definitely for you. Search your skills and your area of interest on any particular topic and make your lectures. Search your clients and schedule online lectures. Therefore, by seeking online help, you can learn the proper methods of providing these services and earning profit from the same.

  4. Travel Agents or Consultants:

    This startup business is totally dependent on your interest. If you love traveling, you are going to enjoy it. When work becomes enjoyment, it never becomes boring. So, what are the things required for this? Let’s see few below point:

    1. First and foremost thing is the completion of your high school or diploma. You can attract more clients if you are highly qualified.
    2. The second required thing is yourself experience in domestic and international traveling. Look for advantages and disadvantages of online and phone booking in your personal traveling and use that experience for your clients.
    3. Select your desirable training program and enroll yourself.
    4. Get certified from the national certification boards for travel agencies, for the country, you want to become a travel consultant.
    5. The last and final step is to decide your work as a travel consultant. You can opt for a job in tour company on an entry level, as a specialist in any field as a travel consultant or choose a startup company of your own.
  5. Drive for OLA or Uber:

    It’s your wish, to make it a part-time or a full-time job. You just need to log in and your service starts. For this, you need few things and you are good to go. The most important are you should know how to drive a car! If you own a car, then few documents are required:

    1. Commercial Driving License
    2. Police Verification
    3. Registration Certificate (RC)
    4. Vehicle Insurance
    5. Tourist Permit
  6. Yoga Instructor:

    If you are fit enough and know the Yoga, which you usually do at home to keep yourself healthy, help it with others as well. In the busy life and unhealthy food of today, people seek help from gym or yoga to keep them healthy or away from diseases. Take advantage of your skills and fill your pockets with the help of this not so tough business startup.

  7. Youtube Channel:

    Create a Youtube channel and upload entertaining stuff. Try to get maximum subscribers and viewers on your channel. If your subscribers reach more than few thousands then your videos start generating income from the ads, displayed on your videos. Many YouTubers earn in millions through their channels by selecting their content, target audience and skills. Hence, Vlogs, educational videos, vines, comedy stuff, it could be any, if you get subscribers.

  8. Presentation Design Consultant:

    Creating a power point presentation in school or college is a different thing while presenting it in office in front of your boss and colleagues, it has to be perfect. Therefore, you require a power point consultant. This startup business idea can be a good start if you are familiar with the presentation skills.

  9. Interior Design Consultant:

    If you are good in decorating your surroundings, if you are the one who gives advice about color combination or location of furniture, let it be your home or office, then don’t waste your talent. Try it in Interior Designing. Get professional training to enhance your skills. After you are ready to go ahead, the following are the steps are followed:

    1. A team needs to be built.
    2. Check for your finance and investments.
    3. Choose a location and set up a small office.
    4. Get a name for your company and register it either as a private limited or as an LLP entity.
    5. Apply for a trade license.
    6. Apply for a new current account in the bank with basic formalities.
    7. After getting all the steps done, you need to check for marketing strategies to make it popular and finally provide attractive offers to the customers.
  10. Sales through Ebay or Amazon:

    Get a product and try to sell or re-sell it through Amazon or Ebay. By this, you don’t need to buy a platform but, you can use them for their products. Buy products from any local market at a lower price and sell them at your desirable price, or sometimes, you can get more than the expected price using the auction selling.

These are the few startup ideas which you can think about if you have the interest in any. Tech startup or Non-Tech startup, both can be successful or unsuccessful, depending on the time and hard work you have invested in it.
Choose your startup business as per your interest. Don’t forget to share your ideas and interests in the comments below.

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