Recent Startup of the Year 2012-15

Everyone thinks of some ideas every day, but there are very few, who follow them. One who has the power to take the responsibility for his own actions sets the examples for others. Such type of people are the born leaders. They have the capability to differentiate themselves from the common ones. Startup ideas are the ones which take something new out of the box.
Let’s discuss few names out of the boom and what change they have brought in the market.

  1. Babygogo:

Babygogo child health care startup, based in New Delhi. Siddhartha Ahluwalia, Sowrab NRS and Satyadeep Karnati founded its parent company AddoDoc in 2014. It’s a good platform for parents where they can get articles and information about baby food, their health, and parenting. The starting funding raised was $300K from a clutch of angel investors and from Rahul Garg, a very skilled person in healthcare investment.
Now, use this app, and get answers to your questions. Your child’s cry is no more a mystery to you.

  1. Collegedunia:

Collegedunia- a startup especially focused on college students. It contains the data of 12 K colleges having the information like placement, fee structure, ranking, alumni records, extra curriculums and courses availability. This was launched in 2014. It not only helps students but also relieve parents by providing an easy search for their child’s career. One can choose the college based on its ranking and the courses one want to opt.
It includes NIIT Group, NMIMS, IDP Global, Alliance Business School and Educomp Business Schools.
Total funding raised in the pre-series is Rs.3 Cr from Umang Kumar, CEO, and co-founder of
Install it and choose wisely. It’s your career, not a small thing. Deal it with Collegedunia.

  1. Qikship:

A shipping app founded by Vikrant Pathak, Gaurav Tyagi and Shalabh Kulshreshtha in 2015. This Noida based startup has tried to provide convenience to the users. The properly planned and coordinated system provides more transparency and flexibility which results in best services to the customers. This super concept was thought by Vikrant Pathak when he himself had difficulty in sending items to his home through couriers. Therefore, making an app has not only increased its ease but is also available to the person next to you. So, send and receive anything from anywhere with the help of Qikship- Quick Ship.
The funding raised by the company is $20K. It not only provides the facility of courier but also promises a free pickup and packaging in 45 minutes. You can track your package too until it reaches its destination.

  1. VanityCube:

A dream for all the ladies out there- Beauty treatments without troubling themselves. Renu Bisht and Pragya Upadhyay launched VanityCube in 2014. Book appointment and your personal beautician will be at your doorstep in just 90 minutes.
It is having headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. The total funding amount was $300K in angel round by Unicorn India Ventures.
On April 2017, VLCC Healthcare Limited acquired VanityCube .

  1. FITSO:

FITSO- Fitness Social. Stay fit, stay healthy. This fitness app was launched by IIT-Delhi alumni Saurabh Aggarwal, Naman Sharma, and Rahool Sureka.
In the busy schedule of life, one is not able to take care of himself properly. Even when a thought of exercise comes to mind, other things seem to have more importance. But FITSO helps you to connect with others like you, which gives encouragement and moral support. This startup includes details of many events and activities as well.
This app provides you with fitness trainers, dietitians, physiotherapists and yoga trainers. One can check the qualifications, experience, achievements, and charges of coaches or other trainers.
Right now, it is LIVE in Delhi.
Total funding in its angel round has raised up toRs 1.35 Cr from Varun, Ex CTO of Grofers, Samar Singla, CEO of Jugnoo and Vinay Bansal, CFO of Wildcraft.

  1. Instalively:

A startup application which can broadcast any event LIVE in just a single click and link it to your Youtube Channel. Prakhar Khanduja and Karthik Vaidyanath founded Instalively in 2014. Its headquarters are in Delhi. Its cost effectiveness and easiness makes it possible for any firm to create and broadcast the content from any location. It uses a low 3G bandwidth with the help of a mobile application, therefore making it a light app.
On March 2, 2015, it raised a funding of $120K from Rajan Anandan, Amit Ranjan and Rajesh Sawhney.

  1. Crownit:

This app is designed for local businesses to attract consumers. Sameer Grover and Ashish Munjal founded it in 2014. It helps the local merchants to connect with consumers. The merchant categories include gift shops, florists or local general stores. It provides a facility to the users to avail cashback on their expenditures.
The headquarters is in Gurgaon. It raised a funding of $5.5 million in May 2015 from Accel Partners and Helion Ventures.
This startup covers 10 K registered merchants and covers GVM (Gross Merchandise Volume) of Rs. 36 Cr per month.
Download Crownit and get to know the availability of items nearby.

  1. Printvenue:

Whether you want to design a card, a calendar, a cup or a pillow, printvenue is at your service. It was founded by Gagan Arora in 2012. It is having headquarters in Gurgaon. Haryana. An online portal which provides digital printing, embroidery, laser engraving and sublimation at very reasonable price.
You need to upload a picture to the space available, choose the item you want that image on and your work is done. They will deliver the product at your doorstep with the desirable design you choose.
It raised a total funding of $4.5 million in January, 2015 from Asia Pacific Internet Group.
These are the few startup names of the latest applications which have brought a change in our lives.
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