Most Recent and Innovative Startup of Delhi

The most innovative startup ideas which have emerged a few years back have taken the market till 2017 already. This thing inspires that even if you are new to something, you can be great as well. Experience definitely counts but any innovation is always welcomed.
Below are the latest and innovative startup businesses which have succeeded in making their special place in the market with their hard as well as smart work.

  1. SAFER:

The most required thing in this era is the safety of the person. Jobs are no more 9-5. Girls are no more inside the premises. With the increasing rate of criminal activities, the person always lives in a threat whether she will reach home safely or not. Few mobile apps came into the limelight a few years back but were not very successful. Using the similar concept IIT students introduced one handy device, Leaf Wearable. It is now known as Safer.
It’s available in following shapes:

  • necklace,
  • bracelets, or
  • key chains

All these are present with Bluetooth connectivity with the mobile phone, where an app “Safer by Leaf” connects with the device. It consists of few predefined numbers in the database of the app, which connects as soon as the user presses the button on the device and this leads to trigger the alarm and send the signals to the app which in turn sends an alert message to the saved numbers in an emergency.
Not only it sends the message to the person, but once the user adds the destination before leaving, it also keeps a track of the location with the help of GPS. Its database consists of maps of the nearest hospitals and police stations as well.
Avinash  Bansal, Ayush Banka, Chiraag Kapil, Manik Mehta and Paras Batra launched it in Feb 2015.
The designing of the device is very appropriate as it doesn’t look like any electronic device but jewelry. It uses non-corrosive stainless steel casing which is rust-proof. It is covered with a very pretty crystal of high refractive diamond-cut glass with a safety device below it. This has been the most innovative startup of the recent times.
So, next time, you go out, embrace yourself with this beautiful jewelry and keep yourself safe from the threats.

  1. 8minutes:

Electricity and Water are the two main concerns in the environment today. With the increase in time, it is predicted that we will be having the lack of resources. Therefore, everyone is trying to find ways of either saving these resources or finding an alternate for them. Sun is the big source of energy of all time. Solar plants extract the energy from the Sun and convert it to electricity.
It’s not only useful when there is a sunny day but in a cloudy weather as well. 8minutes is an innovative startup which has found a way to use this energy in an effective way. It is connected to the grids which save the energy, which makes it useful during the dark hours as well. It saves the energy, reduces the electricity bill, and saves water (used in electricity generation) with easy maintenance.
The founders of 8minutes:

  • Dev Arora
  • Anuj Gupta
  • Arjun

8minutes comes with a warranty of 20 years.  It is named as 8minutes as the sun rays reach the earth in only 8 minutes and 20 seconds. Within their startup of only 6 months, they have covered many homes, industries, societies and educational institutions covering about 865kW energy.
It’s a great source to utilize the natural energy and also reduce the bills. Therefore, One just needs a roof-top where it can be installed.

  1. GoBolt:

A brand with fast delivery services- GoBolt. Sumit Sharma, Parag Aggarwal, and Naitik Baghla started it in 2015 to organize the fragmented transportation Indian Industry. It consists of more than 5000 enrolled trucks which cover more than 1000 Kms a day, which is a way more than the average deliveries, i.e.-250 Km, which makes it efficient and fast in their deliveries.
The main focus of this logistic sector is on Hybrid Asset Ownership Models, Cutting Edge Technology, and Extensive Network. The future planning includes the services of Brokerage, Insurance Resale, Service, Standardized ERP for MFO’s and Control Tower Services.
The implementation of ingenious models of trucks-Short/ Long term gives better control over the services and their tracking which helps it in maintaining a Standardized Service Network. It covers 60 cities and has an annual revenue run rate of $3 million.
The services covered under GoBolt are as follows:

  • automobiles,
  • pharma,
  • e-commerce,
  • food processing, and
  • consumer goods makers.

Clients using its services include Flipkart, GSK, Panasonic, PepsiCo, Pepperfry, and Tupperware. Right now, their deliveries include express and non-express FTL (Full Truck Space) but soon they are planning to get into part load business as well.
Their fast services help their clients to grow faster in the market. Hence, in 2018, it targets to achieve $15 million in revenues.

  1. iCHR:

Worried about your child’s health? Use iCHR. iCHR (Integrated Child Health Record) is a mobile application which keeps the record of the child’s health. Harpreet Singh, the founder of iCHR, launched it on 21st Feb 2016. It tracks the health data of the child through cloud computing, keeps the record of vaccinations, detects obesity or malnutrition.
This is an innovative startup as you can take care of your child’s health and keep its record anywhere in the world without carrying any hard copies.
With this app, you need not carry medical records and files as you can access it from your cell phone, from any part of the world. This is the first app of India which keeps the record of the growth rate of premature babies in the hospital and even after discharge. This is basically for the children till the age of 5.
Harpreet Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Oxyent Medical said, “Our main aim behind this product is to provide a paperless authenticated platform integrating doctors, hospitals, and parents.”
Now don’t worry about your little one’s health, just download this app, and it will give you updates.
The above-discussed startups were founded either in 2015 or 2016. The journey has just started; there is a far way to go yet. Never stop at any point, you never know, your idea can bring a change or create a history.
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