Top Web Technology Trends That Will Make The Difference

The world is full of technology, be it a cell phone to a television, everyone wants to be smart. Looking back to 10 years, life has taken a major change; the size of everything has shrunken. Cells phones are pocket sized and televisions are on walls like calendars.

Imagine life without the Internet nowadays is like going back to the days of early man. Everything is in our range of cell phone with the help of web development. Let’s have a look at the most demanding technologies of the present.

Following are the few Web Technologies which have brought a great change in the lifestyle:

  1. Robotics or Artificial Intelligence:

From basic to complex tasks computer systems handle many things like identification of speech, decision-making power, visible recognition, conversion of one language to another one (translation) and many more tasks. Companies like Google, Facebook, etc. uses this technology where the public can also access these features.

Apart from advantages, it can also have few disadvantages which can be a threat to life.

  • Weapons designed with the AI technology would have the programming of killing the enemy. In case, the equipment goes out of control, it can cause mass destruction.
  • Taking an example of a fully automated car. In the case of a hurry, one can pass an order to reach the destination as soon as possible, but in order to complete the command, the vehicle could get you in trouble.

Therefore, to fulfill all the required actions, some super-intelligent system is required which can not only follow the commands but also use its decision making power wherever required, without being asked for.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) Technology:

First of all, its name says everything about it, that is, things linked with the Internet. It is a technology of connecting anything to the Internet or the Web with the help of different sensors.  The network connectivity helps in exchanging the data between the objects. This can help in managing and improving the performance and proficiency. As a result, this can enhance more security and link, as it’s easy to control the digital signals from anywhere.

  1. Virtual Reality:

It’s a technology which creates a realistic environment giving a 3-D experience including sounds and different sensations. VR headsets provide the experience of different sensation in the case of gaming and sound effects to provide an environment much similar to the real world. With this great technology, one can almost lose into a new world of Virtual life.

  1. Angular 2:

It’s an advanced version of Angular JS with the introduction of new features like classes and modules. JavaScript ES6 features and pipes have been introduced in it. Involvement of frameworks has reduced the redundancy.  As a result, the main features include Modules, Components, Metadata, Data Binding, Services, Directives and Dependency Injection.

  1. Motion User Interface:

Anyone interested in animations and transitions should try this. Developers use its libraries on a large scale as it can create animations in a short span of time. With the help of predefined motions, it provides easy and smooth transitions. Apart from built-in animations, custom transitions are also possible with the help of mixing libraries of Motion UI. As it includes JavaScript utility, therefore it is platform independent.

  1. Gulp Technology:

It includes automation. It is an open source JavaScript toolkit. Time-consuming tasks which come under web development are used for automation, example-cache busting and concatenation. So, next time, don’t just apply automation, Gulp it!

  1. Web API Technology:

APIs run the applications on mobiles and make them more user-friendly. Every web application has an API so that it can run on any platform. It’s a framework which helps in building HTTP services which can reach to the maximum users either with the help of browsers or mobile phones. As a result, APIs are necessary if you want to run your Web Application on a mobile phone.

  1. Foundation for apps:

This app framework is built with the help of Angular JS and Flexbox grid framework. The apps designed are active/responsive web applications as this is the front-end framework.

  1. Real Time Applications:

Many applications have come into existence which works in real time. Examples- Women safety apps, accident detection apps and much more.  Apart from these, live streaming is becoming popular in every field like Instagram and Facebook. These things help a lot in marketing strategies.Not only it is helping in fast growth but also provides an opportunity to get results as soon as the input is provided. Real Time technology is the greatest innovation in the present.

  1. Instagram-A True Media App:

Sharing images and videos have become a new trend in social media. Many people operate it for personal use, but many brands consider it a very approaching platform to a large number of people. It includes live streaming as well which provides a better opportunity to interact with the audience at a different level. Hence, it’s now a matter of seconds to interact with anyone present at any part of the world.

There is a lot more future scope in the web technologies which have been discussed. Time is changing with a great speed and to catch it, technology changes every day. In conclusion, everything is under technology. Life is changing with a very fast speed and to catch it, we need to run with it. Therefore, don’t scare with the daily updates, but update yourself.
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